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  1. Try the Televue eyepiece caculator. https://www.televue.com/engine/TV3b_page.asp?id=212&plain=TRUE
  2. Tele Vue 3-6mm Nagler 50º Zoom Eyepiece In like new condition and bought earlier this year from FLO. in original box with end caps. SOLD - £260.00 Posted to UK 50º constant apparent field of view Click stops every mm 3-6mm Zoom Proprietary tuned full multi-coatings & high index glass Blackened lens edges & Anti-reflective threads Fold-down, rubber eyeguards & grip rings Threaded for 1.25" filters Safety undercut in nosepiece barrel for extra locking security 100% full field visual inspection on Tele Vue's own flat-field test instrument guarantees the performance of every Tele Vue eyepiece Supplied with eyeguard and nosepiece cover Payment: PayPal (buyer pays fees) or Bank Transfer John
  3. Think Bresser is onto a winner with this scope. Not a silly price for a good well equipped scope.
  4. Have you used the Televue calculator? https://www.televue.com/engine/TV3b_page.asp?id=212&plain=TRUE
  5. The optics are made by JOC and just as good as the Skywatcher. Nothing to choose between them opticaly. The build quality of the Bresser is better however and they are beter equipped. My 10” dob will handle about 400x on the moon.
  6. Will be trying the CC 6” on my AZ-GTi mount with the TS counterbalance system which lets you achive oerfect balance and greatly reduces the load on the motors which also allows for a heavier OTA.
  7. The only obvious way to tell them apart at first glance is the size of the secondary.. The 8” RC has a huge secondary. t
  8. Think the 8” CC is a bit much for a GP mount. My CC weighs about 11kg but that is with tube rings and handle and Steeltrack focuser. Probably about 10kg without.
  9. The CC is a lot easier to collimate although may not be needed as they seem to hold collimation very well. The RC is trickier though and have read horror stoies of frustrated owners stuggling to collimate them. But as mentioned a lot has to do with getting your head round a different system.
  10. Minor picky detail. Just noticed that it looks like the pic showing the secondary of the CC6” on FLOs website is actually that of the RC which has a much bigger secondary. Here’s a pic of the TS CC 6” for comparison.
  11. Bresser Messier MC-100/1400 Mak OTA High quality long focal length 100mm f/14 maksutov telescope. Bought earlier this year and in excellent condition including the optics. Only selling as just ordered a StellaLyra Classical Cassegrain and will help pay for it. SOLD - £165.00 Posted to UK Ideal for use with an AZ-GTi mount. Have added tube rings and a dovetail bar to allow more convienient fitting to an Alt-Az mount. Standard short dovetail bar included. Astrozap dew shield also included. A standard SW finder shoe will fit in place of the red dot finder so easy to fit another finder. Specifications • Optical design: Maksutov-Cassegrain • Optical coatings: Multi-Coating • Aperture-Ø: 100 mm • Focal length: 1.400 mm Included Accessories • Eyepiece SPL- 26mm - 1,25" • Red-Dot-Finder • BRESSER Support CD-ROM with Astronomy-Software "Stellarium" • Rotateable starchart • Solar filter ( screw on ) Payment: PayPal (buyer pays fees) or Bank Transfer John
  12. Just placed the order for the 6” CC Now to get a couple of things listed for sale to pay for it. Looks like it will be so long to the Bresser 100mak. Great little scope.
  13. Just currious. How long will it take FLO to restock when the CCs sell out which seems likely given the amount if interest shown here?
  14. Wish The 10” CC was available in a solid tube like that offered for the 10 RC. Would be a lot more affordable. And yes posted the link to 365astronomy just to show the RC truss was a similar price to the CC truss.
  15. I’m thinking more of the much quicker cooldown and lack of dewing and proper focuser and of course there is a huge price difference. And already having the CC8”. Would expect the 8” SCT to perform better than the 6” CC with it’s greater aperture although on lunar / planetary the difference wouldn’t be as noticeable. Wouldn’t buy a new 8” SCT though as they are common second hand for a fraction of the new price.
  16. Awfully tempted by the 6” CC as a more portable scope than the 8”. My manual alt-az setup with the berlebach Report tripod would just handle it. Not much difference in weight to the StellaMira 80mm f/10 so would still be grab’n’go. Would have to sell a couple of bits though to psy for it.
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