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  1. And you can get solar filters to fit a 9x50 optical finder which is what I use.
  2. Yes that’s right. You can add a solar continuum fiter to the eyepiece for a tiny bit more detail but not a cheap,filter for what is a small improvement. However for use with a refrsctor only a Hershel wedge is better but more expensive.
  3. https://www.telescopehouse.com/BRESSER-Extension-Tube-37-5-mm-for-2-5-HEXAFOC.html
  4. The extenstion tube is packed in the box that contains the base. Have a look through the styrafoam and you should find it inside one of the sheets of foam. Of course if you bought it used then you might not have the boxes. Bresser does sell the extension tubes though.
  5. No you don’t need to buy anything else. Just fot the extenstion piece thst comes with the scope.
  6. Bresser puts the focuser extension piece for visual use in the box with the base. Many don’t realise that the extenstion is hidden in the foam packing in the base box not with the OTA.
  7. The upcoming GOTO / Push to / WiFi / GPS upgrade for the Rowan AZ100 mount will allow that sort of thing. Will be able to use full GOTO or just push to the target and tracking will kick in when you find it. Going to be super flexible.
  8. Berlebach Uni-18 Tripod - Dual Fit HEQ5 / EQ6 Selling my Berlebach Uni-18 tripod with double leg clamps and spreader. M10 and M12 centre bolts and pin included. Will be buying a planet tripod so no need to keep this one. SOLD £275.00 Shipping to UK £20.00 Can be converted from EQ6 to HEQ5 and back again without tools. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/342421-berlebach-tripod-dual-eq5-eq6-fitting/ Uni-18 specification Weight: 8 kg (17.6 lb) Transportation length: 91 cm (36 inch) Minimum height: 84 cm (33 inch) Maximum height: 122 cm (48 inch)
  9. Hi No as the Lacerta uses M4 screws. Get some M4 x 10mm nylon thumbscrews from eBay.
  10. Nylon Tipped Aluminium M5 Thumbscrews. Heads 12mm dia. x 16mm high Postage £1.20 First Class Post total per sale. Qty. 6 Thread length 24mm (incl. nylon tip) - £6.00 Qty. 4 Thread length 22mm (incl. nylon tip) - £4.00 Qty. 2 Thread length 19mm (incl. nylon tip) - £2.00 Payment: PayPal.(buyer pays fees) John
  11. Ah ha Here’s the part. Bet FLO could order one. Skywatcher Replacement Part Holder for SynScan Hand Controller to Aluminum or Steel Tripods https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p10189_Skywatcher-Ersatzteil-Halter-fuer-SynScan-Handbox-an-Alustativ-und-Stahlstativ.html
  12. Think the Celestron one would work. https://www.grovers.biz/spares-parts/3482-4430-various-celestron-hand-controller-holder.html#/8-mount_type-celestron_advanced_vx
  13. Here you go. https://www.astroshop.eu/goto-kits/omegon-push-go-standalone-encoder-system/p,55768
  14. The back of the base should look like this. And yes that is a solid tube not a flex tube.
  15. Also explains why some Baader 2” filters when threaded to a 2” nosepiece can be very hard to remove.
  16. Baader uses a slightly different thread pitch than standard which is why they sonetimes don’t thread on properly. Quote from an article on astronomy threads. “Eyepiece/Filter Thread 2" (M48x0.75) As with 1.25" eyepieces, most 2" eyepieces have barrels threaded to accept filters mounted in a cell. The diameter of 2" works out to 50.8mm, but the actual thread has a nominal diameter of 48mm. In North America, many simply refer to this M48x0.75 thread as a "2-inch thread". Europeans, however, take a "2-inch thread" to mean the 2"-24 thread used on the visual back of 5" to 10" Schmid
  17. I used a TAL screw in crosshair reticle. No longer available but do show up used occasionaly. Fits any eyepiece of about 25mm.
  18. Hey that’s great. So far I’ve been really impressed despite the limited observing I’ve been able to do.
  19. Didn’t notice any flexing but then only tested it and didn’t use it again. Surprisingly stable on the Skytee though. Hardest part was fitting the tube to the mount single handed. A helper to tighten the saddle while you hold the tube would make it easy. Something like this would allow you to hold the tube in place while tightening the saddle though. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p11176_Farpoint-Carrying-strap-and-Handle-for-10--and-12--Newtonian-or-Dobsonian-Telescopes.html
  20. The Nexstar 8SE mount was originally designed for the 5” SCT was was known as the Nexstar 5i. Rock solid with the 5”.
  21. I thought about fitting the Omegon push to system to my Bresser dob. You would need to make a mounting plate to mount the alt encoder because of the open alt bearing but would be a simple job. Some minor adaptation for the az bearing as well but all in all not a big or difficult job. https://www.astroshop.eu/goto-kits/omegon-push-go-standalone-encoder-system/p,55768
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