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  1. The Skymax180 would work well on the Skytee II which is the setup I used to have. Have now moved on to an 8” Claasical Cassegrain on a Rowan AZ100 mount. Reasons for replacing the Skymax180. Long cooldown and dewing problems. The CC cools down quickly with no dewing problems and has a fixed primary mirror and a proper crayford focuser and will take higher magnification than the 180. Not a huge difference in price, size or weight so the CC will also work on the Skytee. Note the Skymax180 in the photo has a crayford focuser fitted but this is a short travel SCT type whereas the CC has
  2. The zoom will indeed be very useful but I tend to use a zoom to see what the right magnification is on any particular night then switch to a regular eyepiece of the appropriate mag. So I would keep the ES 6.7mm and the zoom. Perhaps sell the barlow?
  3. Many good sugestions have been made which must make it confusing as to what scope / mount you go for. All the suggestions have their good and bad points. There is no perfect choice of the “best” scope and whatever you choose will be a compromise in some way. I moved from an 8” SCT to a Skymax180 and then ended up with a Classical Cassegrain which turned out to be the right planetary scope for me. So if one type appeals then that would be somewhere to start.
  4. Should be OK by Xmas 2022 though.
  5. Huge increase in demand coupled by production problems caused by the virus. All the manufacturers are having the same problems most all brands of scopes have very low stock.
  6. The Chinese government is staggering the new years shut downs this year instead of everyone closing at the same time. Not sure if this will make any real difference though?
  7. A manual mount like the Skytee II is a great budget alt-az mount and would leave more money for the scope. Very nice to use with slow motion controls. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth-astronomy-mounts/skywatcher-skytee-2-alt-azimuth-mount.html For planets and the moon a mak or classical cassegrain is a good choice. An apo refractor is good as well but your budget would mean a smaller aperture. I had a Skymax180 but changed to a StellaLyra CC8” as it cools down a lot quicker and no dewing problems plus has a proper crayford focuser. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/s
  8. You are not the first to have this problem https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/607288-advice-please-lens-orientation-for-es-125-focal-extender/
  9. Next question. Is GOTO a requirement or would a nanual alt-az mount do?
  10. Gitzo is certainly still around although more upmarket than Manfrotto now. Some lovely gear but ££££££££ https://www.gitzo.com/uk-en/
  11. Unless there is someone here on SGL that could print one for you as a last resort. Why not put an ad in the Wanted section asking if someone has a spare one.
  12. 3D print file. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2611384 Or try FLO as I’m sure they could order the SW one.
  13. Just fit a carry handle to the OTA. The best solution.
  14. Blame the Gulf Stream that brings all the cloud and rain but also gives the UK a much milder climate than it would have otherwise. Apparently without the Gulf Stream London would have the same climate as Helsinki. Long cold snowy winters. Brrrrr
  15. On a newt or dob yes it’s very useful. on an SCT etc not really needed. I tried the 4” on my dob and found it just too high. Find the 2” is just right.
  16. Bit expensive but.......... https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dew-prevention/astrozap-telrad-heater.html Have tried to like the Rigel but just couldn’t get on with it and replaced with a Telrad.
  17. I think the stock screws should fit if they are long enough but easy to get new screws cheap on eBay if needs be.
  18. No problem with a Bresser dob. Alt bearings make great carry handles.
  19. SW AZ-GTi Mount Has has very little use and no longer needed as I don’t have a suitable scope for it. SOLD. £170.00 Shipped to UK Includes a proper Vixen type dovetail saddle with mounting puck, extension pillar and a Lynx power cable. Fitted thumbscrews to the top of the pillar to make it easier to remove the mount. Did a quick check and turned it on and connected to my phone with no problems and the mount moved in all directions with no problems. One of the four poor quality screws that fastened the stock saddle to the mount snapped while removing it so fitted three
  20. Yes just take the screws out and fit them to the new finder shoe.
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