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  1. The 2X is the most useful for visual as it seems to give you a better range of usable magnification.using the eyepoeces most have. Too much magnification can give you worse views. Just one of those things that experience teaches you. 5X is really only for imaging. Had 3X and never used it so sold it.
  2. A question. Are instruction manuals included with the scopes? If not there are the Orion manuals for the scopes. https://nimax-img.de/Produktdownloads/62478_1_Anleitung-EN.pdf https://nimax-img.de/Produktdownloads/51359_1_AnleitungEN.pdf
  3. Focal length means it’s more of a lunar planetary scope like the SCT is although capable of some DSO work though. Not had to collimate mine yet . Holds collimation very well unlike an SCT. The fixed primary mirror helps. Did find out how to collimate it though and it is a straight forward process. Here is the manual. https://nimax-img.de/Produktdownloads/62478_1_Anleitung-EN.pdf
  4. Here’s the manual for the Orion branded version of the RC. https://nimax-img.de/Produktdownloads/51359_1_AnleitungEN.pdf
  5. One question. Considering they are about the same price, not much difference in size and weight will the CC8” hurt sales of the Skymax 180?
  6. And the Baader RT Steeltrack makes a nice upgrade for the 8” Cassegrain. Just need the M90 adapter. As you know I’m a big fan of the Classical Cassegrain. Wouldn’t go back to an SCT now. Very keenly priced scopes as well.
  7. New outdoor phone. After replacing my regular phone a few months ago after being dropped onto the patio decided I needed something a bit tougher for outdoor use so bought a fairly inexpensive OUKITEL WP5 4G Pro Armored Phone off Amazon. Just a regular smartphone with Android 10 and outdoor oriented features.but with rubber armor and shockproof and is supposed to withstand being dropped onto concrete from 1.5 metres. Also water and dust proof and can be used as an underwater camera down to 4 metres. Has an 8000 mah battery so will keep going for ages withput a recharge. Twice as thick as a regular smartphone due to the battery but not that heavy and the rubber armor makes it easy to hold. Works fine with the Starsense app and Synscan Pro which are the main uses for it so looks like just the job for astro use.
  8. And the good places like FLO clearly state when they are selling a customer returned item in their “offers” section plus you get full guarantee of course.
  9. Have you collimated the scope? Use a laser collimator and put a paper target over the objective. Print out a bullseye the right size. Keep checking after adjusting the objective until it is right.
  10. These perhaps worn under fingerless gloves? https://thewritersglove.com
  11. Same sensors on the equivelant models but the rest of the camera isn’t the same.. Altair cameras are made by ToupTek and ZWO make their own cameras. ZWO is supported by just about everything but you should check if the image capture software you want to use supports the particular Altair camera before buying.
  12. Look for touch screen gloves made for using a smartphone. Might be thin enough. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=touch+screen+gloves&ref=nb_sb_noss_1 Sealskinz gloves are great but not sure if there is something to suit https://www.sealskinz.com/gloves?gclid=CjwKCAjwzvX7BRAeEiwAsXExoyWHOYZuBr4rrM5XaD65wBJ-a3ms3aMjAFJ3Syl7sCjzVQHterQsARoCeA8QAvD_BwE
  13. 5x barlows are pretty well only used by imagers. I’ve only needed a 2x barlow for visual use.
  14. Why do some of the posts above remind me of this.
  15. A small mak will give great images of the moon and a manual,alt-az mount will be fine for the moon. BTW the moon is great to observe in Derby through a telescope. Few smartphone moon pics taken in Derby.
  16. Or ifypu have a spare Telrad riser and a cheapie mirror diagonal and bits of a smartphone holder.. One I built earlier.
  17. I’ve had a Skymax180 and a C8 SCT and now settled on the Classical Cassegrain. No dewing, a fixed primary and a crayford focuser although I’ve upgraded to a Baader Steeltrack.
  18. A TS 8” Classical Cassegrain. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p10753_TS-Optics-8--f-12-Cassegrain-telescope-203-2436-mm-OTA.html
  19. I’m impressed by how much more magnification my 8”CC will take compared to a Skymax180. Stray light is very well controlled.
  20. These are the ones I use. Mitutoyo are expensive but you can’t get better. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/calipers/2455676/ Shop around and you should find a better price. Don’t buy on eBay though as most on there are cheap fake copies. Stick to a proper dealer.
  21. Something like the Svbony camera is so light it doesn’t matter.
  22. Just measured and it’s 29.95 just under the thread.
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