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  1. Just for a bit of silliness combined rhe focuser extensions from the CC6 and 8.
  2. Post the pics in the Show Us Your StellaLyra thread? https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/364344-show-us-your-stellalyra-scope/?tab=comments#comment-3968446
  3. The reason you don’t see many Orion US scopes in the UK is that there is no UK distributor. Another dob worth considering is the Omegon push to. Like their push to system. Scope is actually made by GSO. https://www.astroshop.eu/telescopes/omegon-dobson-telescope-push-n-203-1000/p,51434 Optics of the Orion US, Skywatcher and Omegon are the same quality.
  4. Thing to remeber about the SCT is it’s focal length and effective aperture changes as it is focused and then there is mirror flop of course and cool down, dewing and the very rarely seen perfectly collimimated one. I wouldn’t go back to a C8 as for me the CC just has too many asvantages.
  5. M3 self tapping screws. Think they were 18mm long. Fortunately I had a few in stock.
  6. Primary on the CC8 is actually 200mm. Here’s pic of 200mm long strip of paper laid across the mirror.
  7. The CCs don’t need regular collimation either. Not had to recolimate my CC8 since I bought it. They hold colimation really well. Not sure if they hold collimation as well as a mak bit certainlty won’t need doing very often.
  8. Part of the phone asjustement. There is one for side to side and another for front to back.
  9. Mini ball head arrived for making a tilt adjuster for the Starsense unit. As most finder shoes are at an angle and the Staesense unit should be level used this little ballhead to allow adjusting the angle. Straight forward job using the parts already there from making the mounting bracket. Needs a hex key to adjust but means it’ nice and solid.
  10. A mini ballhead for making a tilt adaptor for the Starsense Explorer unit. More of a mini micro I think.
  11. Can probably remove one of the extensions when observing but needed both when aligning the finderscope on a streetlight.
  12. CC is really for visual observing, particularily of the moon and planets and the StellaLyras are f/12. RCs are for imaging and are faster (shorter focal length). and are f/8 or f/9.
  13. No, no, no.............you mean a knob. As used on my CC8.
  14. I fitted two bolts in place of the grub screw and thumb screw. Not enough room to use thumbscrews with the low profile finder bracket.
  15. ADM does just the radius blocks on their own for the 6”. FLO should get them in. Have ordered some direct from ADM which will,probably take a few weeks to arrive. Will be fitting the same type of handle as on my CC8. Yes JeremyS a HANDLE
  16. FlO has one CC8 and 2 CC6 left in stock. Popular or what?
  17. CC 6” is 6.4kg with finder and diagonal and eyepiece and focuser extensions.I’ve fitted a 6x30 finder and a Baader prism to keep the weight down.
  18. Tried it on my lightweight alt-az setup and didn’t seem to wobble while focusing while aligning the finder. Have gone for a 6x30: RACI finder and a Baader prism to keeo the weight down. Hopefully will work out for proper observing as it’s easy to carry the complete setup outside.
  19. Bot like one of these aren’t they?
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