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  1. I have one hardly used and unlikely to use it much as I have the 11mm and 6.7 so the 8.8 sits a bit too close to both. I have the box but not the foam as it got thrown away. £95 including delivery?
  2. I have the 12" flextube which i think is great value even new. Needs a dual speed focuser imho so I added a Moonlite. The scope itself is pretty solid and seems to have a good quality mirror. I agree with estwing go manual save yourself a load of money and learn the sky with a good map.
  3. Thanks! Yeah, looks like the 12" was a good purchase and upgrade from the 8" SCT. Really love the Delos eyepieces with it. Jupiter was simply stunning. Looks like we may get a run of nights this week. So hopefully should be able to cover much better Virgo/Coma for the Herschel 400 that remain.
  4. I had a chance last night towards the end to do a bit of a test and compare view of the Panoptic 19mm properly with the 24mm ES. I pointed it a decent star field in the middle of Cygnus where there wa a good mix of bright stars and faint stars. Interestingly the Pan was sharper across the entire view, I'd say better colour definition with the Pan as well. The surprised me because the Pan with higher power should not show tighter stars than the ES? Still, the ES was very good and perhaps it's drop off in quality of stars was not quite as pronounced as I'd gathered before and was rectifiable with a touch on the focuser for the stars from 70%. The Pan was in a different league though and showed only a drop off in quality in the last 5% otherwise was pretty flat.
  5. Great! Many thanks. The Baader Clicklock looks like it adds a bit more length than the low profile Moonlite I have. The 6mm Delos only just reaches focus at the end of focuser travel soma few couple more mm would be good,
  6. Many thanks John. Yep, I'm using a Moonlite focuser and it seems to catch a bit. All my TV eyepieces are recent purchases to i guess are tapered. I'll have to take a look... Does the Baader not catch at lap with the TV eyepieces?
  7. Cheers guys. yes, I've spent quite a bit of time before in Virgo / Coma with he 8" SCT I had... lots of galaxies appearing with 12" directly would not show before / difficult / averted vision and I don't think the transparency was particularly brilliant last night. Awesome. Needs to spend a much more serous session or two for he Herchsel 400 objects... at least I've got my eye in now.
  8. Inserting Televue eyepieces (and sometimes getting them out) is certainly more of a pain than the ES eyepieces due to the safety "lip". Does any 2" to 1.25" make insertion and extraction smoother? I was thinking the Baader Clicklock 2" to 1.25" but unsure if it will help here?
  9. So.... approx 4 months after my last session observing DSOs and with the dob (the weather really has been that awful!), finally tonight it was clear at 10pm and luckily opposed the forecast and stayed clear until I finished at 3:30am. First things first, a quick check over... and then stuck on the Rigel Quickfinder that has replaced the Telrad which saves me 380g on the front end. Collimated and off to the races.. So the idea for the night was just to get a whole bunch of objects in... get used to finding them with the alt/az movment of the dob and generally just have a blast around the universe. Lined everything up on Jupiter and had a decent look but the scope was still cooling down. Shifted over to M13 to see a massive riot of stars. The 10mm Delos providing a stunning view of the cluster. The from Vindiamatrix I rolled in to the Virgo Cluster with Sky Safari at hand went from one Messier to the next and a load of other NGCs as well. Markarian's Chain was a breeze. It struck me how easy the 12" was showing the non Messier galaxies - they were just popping up all over the place! Leo's triplet showed well and especially NGC3628 which has before been a really tough target with the 8" showed a very large swathe - I can see now why this is so difficult with no real core brightness and well spread out. I hopped over to M105 and easily saw its two companions. M95 and 96. Then I covered M53 which resolved beautifully with a fine speckled mess of stars down the core. M3 surprised me being small a reasonable core and some stars resolved at the outside but pretty much forgettable. M64 nice right the dark eye in the middle of the core defined well. M81 annd M82 next. M82 is stunning with the aperture. A lovely mottled texture and clear dark lane slicing through the middle. NGC3077 showed easily close by. M97 the Owl Nebula showed a decent size patch of circular fuzz. Very clear without a filter. Close by, M108 is tough but obvious. M57 the Ring Nebula got a good look in. No colour but really nicely defined ring with the 10mm. I spent a good amount of time with Jupiter with the 6mm Delos (250x) this magnification was perfect. Colour still there and the GRS was transiting. The seeing was OK but at times arrived a period of clarity for a few seconds or more showing outstanding detail in the clouds. The North band was particularly interesting i thought even more so than the South which has the GRS. On the north band I could easily see 3 dark patches equally spaced and large swirls encompassing these. fascinating. Nice colour on the GRS and bands. I was really pleased with the definition and sharpness showing at times as for me it showed that the mirror was performing well and the collimation was good. At one time I had to deal with dew on the secondary. I simply hooked round a 2" dew strip above the mirror and switched it on full. In 10 mins it had cleared completely. I could do with a bit better solution that is permanent. My site is particularly dewy.... the primary mirror stated dew free though the entire session. Everything else was sopping wet by the end! I had a quick glance at Saturn. Far too low really but nice to see. Scorpius also rising. Wow is that time of year already? So, an awesome time in the end and happy with getting to know the dob that little bit more.
  10. Ok. I think it'll be worth it. At the very very least I'll have par-focal eyepieces which is something which annoys me intensely using the dob particularly. Plus a weight saving which is useful for my alt/az setup as well as the dob.
  11. I always think that Jupiter looks good at around 150x. Perhaps see if you can find a second hand ES82 6.7mm?
  12. ... and SOLD! Thanks Gus!
  13. Sale pending.
  14. Great many thanks for the info. What I read from that is the Pan is almost twice as sharp in all aspects? Also from this - "Distortion is positive (pincushion) not less than + 3-4%." - would this mean that the Panoptic is pretty flat then?