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  1. Sold please close.
  2. Should not be a problem as long as you pay the difference in shipping it to Sweden.
  3. OK.... Last reduction at the completely barmy price of £79 inc P&P Grab yourself an absolute bargain for an 82 degree AFOV top notch eyepiece in mint condition. Works down to f/4.
  4. Price reduced - £82 inc P&P!
  5. ES Maxvision 28mm Eyepiece

    Still available - Price reduced to £72 inc P&P
  6. COMPLETED - *FOUND* Pentax XW 5mm

    Found - Many thanks.
  7. Absolutely mint condition ES82 4.7mm Argon eyepiece. I don't have the original box but it will be very well packaged. I just bought a 5mm Pentax so no need for this eyepiece. £88 £82 £79 - including P&P Royal Mail Signed For 1st class. Sold.
  8. Eye Pieces you would like to try out

    Another option is to go second hand for the same price or around that. Kind of wish I did that to start with! I'd recommend the ES82 11mm although may be pushing it on eye relief if you wear glasses.
  9. Eye Pieces you would like to try out

    I did mainly DSO viewing with my C8 with these at f/6.3. Although Jupiter / Saturn and especially the Moon were occasionally observed when available. Very good optically and no glare that I experienced with this setup. At f/10 handled up to 400x on occasion with the 5mm (very rare) but mostly 254x being very good with the 8mm.
  10. Eye Pieces you would like to try out

    I had these - These were actually very good eyepieces for all objects: DSOs, lunar and planetary! I sold them because they're no good for fast scopes so when I got my dob I bought in to Televue...
  11. Must be in excellent condition.
  12. ST120 v 130PDS

    I don't have experience of the 130PDS but I have the 120ST. For DSOs, the 120ST is a really great performer under decently dark skies. I'd worry a bit about the contrast being lost in the 130PDS due to the central obstruction but granted it should be considerably better on the Moon / Planets than the 120ST. One thing that annoys me more than anything is the focuser... It's just not precise enough although I'm sure it can be improved.
  13. SOLD - 24mm ES 68 Eyepiece

    Now sold.
  14. Great! incoming PM