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  1. Purchases: 1 new telescope, 1 new tripod with photo mount and a vixen rail adapter, 1 new dielectric star diagonal. Also: Turn left at Orion So a small part of the problem Plan to buy one, maybe two new eyepieces but not for a month or two..
  2. DHL delivered a long package today containing goodies to use with a new telescope that arrived at the weekend... First Horizon Tripod is so much sturdier than the aluminium AZ mount that came with the Skywatcher 90 /910 refractor and significantly more versatile. I was a bit worried despite the reassurance from Auntie FLO that a 'standard' photo tripod would suit the 90/500 I now have, but it sits like a dream and is easy to adjust. Of course, it is cloudy outside and no clear skies forecast for the next week, but I am so looking forward to giving my new rig first light! If y
  3. As noted, bit of a haze in East Sussex which meant that what promised to be a good evening of viewing was a touch disappointing. Nevertheless I did get a couple of firsts for me. I was in a field just by Wealden Way footpath which provided shelter from A22 street lamps! 1. M44 the Beehive cluster. I know for majority of people here this is one that everyone seems to have seen, but for some reason has eluded me. This evening, I caught sight of it with binoculars first and then used the telescope to view. 2. M67 open cluster. Only got this thanks to 'Turn left at Orion'. Could not se
  4. Hi, I would focus on what you actually want to use the portable set up for? Will you continue on the planetary focus or look at dso for example? If you're sticking to planetary, then a decent maksutov cassegrain design either 100/102/127 mm aperture would be a simple solution if stock comes available!
  5. Good afternoon, after taking delivery of my new Svbony SV48, the clouds have descended and I stand no chance of first light until tomorrow, so my thoughts turn to eyepieces. I currently have two 1.25" Celestron Omni plossls with 50 degrees fov, a 32mm and a 15mm. I bought these originally for my 90/900 and represented a meaningful upgrade on the two skywatcher lenses I had. I would like to have a higher power lens, say 8-10mm range, and wondering if sticking with the Omni plossls is a good idea, or if I should look at alternative options. When I view anything I tend to start with
  6. I'm no imager, but saw this on YouTube. Hope it helps...
  7. Look what the postman brought me... Ordered Thursday late afternoon arrived 1000 this morning. Excellent service. Now to figure out how to mount it...
  8. @johninderby Hi, what finder would you recommend for this scope given that you have had the privilege of owning one ?
  9. Hmmm... I hope that the curse of the commentators doesn't strike now....
  10. I am- I did qualify my statements with 'ever again'!
  11. OK so after being burned with Aliexpress I have decided that no matter how tempting the prices etc are, not for me! The grounding of the 'Ever Given' means that 13% of the daily global trade (R4 stat, blame them if wrong...) will inevitably lead to further delays in shipments of lovely optical gear from China and Taiwan to the UK. Yay. So... Not buying a nice new ED scope this year. Decided that a short achromat, the 90/500 SV48 from Svbony would be a decent short term solution to the need for something more portable than my Evostar 90/900 (which I really like but is too big to com
  12. Need to wait for refund, but thanks may get lucky!
  13. Hi, if you feel like DM'ing your website to me I would take a look... my order is not coming
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