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  1. There is this thread The old definition of an APO doesn’t take account of advances in optics.
  2. These are just tiny grub screws usually 3mm diamter not bolts so a bolt removal tool is way too big. You need minature tools for the job which you might need to buy from a model engineering shop.
  3. Many people are having real success using the 130p which you might also consider. Edit: Meant the 130 PDS
  4. Funnily enough I’ve just replaced a damaged grub screw in a focus knob. Typical rounded out head but I tried a new hex key with sharp edges and managed to loosen it. Lucky. One of the best ways is to get a left handed drill bit that is a tight fit and you will usually be able to unscrew. Or get a screw removal tool if you can find a small one. I think it’s a good idea to consider small grub screws as single use and replace it every time you remove the knob.
  5. I have pretty well stopped using barlows visually. Prefer a couple of higher powered eyepieces as they are just more convieient.
  6. ZWO is very well supported but with Orion I would check first to see if it will work with the capture software you might want to use.
  7. The Bresser 10” dob can be used for lunar and planetary AP but not for general AP. For that you would need a driven mount. A few lunar images taken with my Bresser 10” Dob.
  8. I had a 60mm Scout and found it poor for visual. It’s at it’s best for imaging. Always liked my PST when I had one despite the sweet spot. It was just nice to use..I’ve looked through a few PSTs and never seen anything remotely as good as in that vid.
  9. That PST vid is probably using a PST mod which takes some of the PST bits and puts them in a much bigger aperture scope. Not representative of a standard PST.
  10. Looks more like an observers perch than chair but more importantly how well does it work?
  11. The sunshine was nice while it lasted but spitting with rain again. Update After the showers the sun has returned. For a little while at least.
  12. ParcelForce always delivers dead on 7:00am here which is actually a bit annoying as it means I have to be up before 7:00am on a ParcelForce delivery day. I suppose he has to start his delivery route somewhere. Knew someone who used to be a ParcelForce driver but gave it up as they kept increasing his number of deliveries and he would be working later and later for no extra pay.
  13. You should have called the depot and they would have ordered the driver to come back right away with your package. Had the same thing happen to me once so called up the DPD depot and the driver showed up half an hour later. Never saw that driver again.
  14. A Baader neodymium filter can remove the green tint and make the moon look a nice neutral grey.
  15. I find the Baader neodynium filter gives better contrast but doesn’t dim the image. Taken with a smartphone and neodymium filter.
  16. Or just get some proper anti-seize compound. There are a few different types for specific metals but a general purpose one will do. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=anti+seize+compund&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
  17. This article addresses just thiis issue of brightness and aperture. https://medium.com/@phpdevster/how-telescope-aperture-affects-your-view-24507147d7fc
  18. Interesting that the results are showing most don’t use filters and also there aren’t many with light coloured eyes.
  19. If you can’t decide on light or dark go with medium.
  20. Have started a poll in the Astro Lounge asking for people’s need to use a moon filter or not and their eye colour.. Will be interested to see if there is a link.
  21. Came across info recently linking a persons eye colour to their sensitivity to bright light and wondered if this might have anything to do with your need to use an ND moon filter or not.
  22. Observing the moon last night with my 10” dob gave me no problems without an ND filter. Didn’t seem too bright at all. Apparently the lighter your eye colour the more sensative you are to brightness and are slower to adapt. Wonder if that is a factor in why some do or don’t need a moon filter?
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