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  1. Think it’s screwed on but not able to unscrew the compression ring end. Don’t want to damage it by trying.
  2. There are no threads on the end of the drawtube. To connect anything you would need to use a 2” adaptor to fit into the drawtube to connect to whatever you want to attach. Or upgrade the focuser to a better one.
  3. Yes there are two sets of mounting holes for finder shoes. Will be adding another shoe to mine.
  4. First light, sort of, with the CC6. Wall to wall cloud last night but cleared up a bit earlier this morning. The only thing visable was Mars but thin cloud and unsteady seeing didn’t make for good views. Still better than nothing. For a couple of seconds at a time seeing would steady but then gone again. Just long enugh to start seeing some detail but frustratingly not long enough to see anything properly. Still promising for the odd second here and there.
  5. Matches what I saw earlier this morning. Thin cloud and not very steady seeing. Stll better than nothing for first light with the StellaLya CC6.
  6. Think they are for fitting a finder shoe with a centre hole. Can be fitted one side or the other.
  7. Found a dealer in Oz. https://proastroz.com/collections/founder-optics Same as the StellaMira 104 then.
  8. It is a Long Perng handle so probably a Long Perng scope.
  9. Now that handle reminds me of something.
  10. William Optics Vixen Style Dovetail Saddle 100mm long vixen type dovetail saddle SOLD - £39.00 Posted to UK Very well made saddle by William Optics. This saddle accepts all vixen style dovetail bars and uses a block to secure your bar so no marks on your anodized dovetail bar. The saddle also has various slots and M6 threaded holes for easy connection to various mounts. Minor marks inside slots where bolts fitted. Payment: PayPal (buyer pays fees) John
  11. My 10” Bresser dob gets more use.
  12. Didn’t get used enough. Should have gone for the 12”.
  13. You’ll find right next to the nonexistium.
  14. No longer have it but it was called The Blue Whale an OD350 with a Stellarcat drive system. Apparently changing colours with powder coating entails complete cleaning of the system which is a bit of a job.
  15. One thing you may not know about Orion Optics is you can have your dob in any colour you want. They do have a charge for having to change over to another colour but not too much. I had one done in blue.
  16. Have you considered David Luckhurst? Makes great custom dobs. https://www.dobsonians.co.uk/12f6.html Think Beacon Hill still makes dobs to order but not heard much about them lately.
  17. StellaMira are the refractors and StellaLyra are the CCs and RCs.
  18. Just for a bit of silliness combined rhe focuser extensions from the CC6 and 8.
  19. Post the pics in the Show Us Your StellaLyra thread? https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/364344-show-us-your-stellalyra-scope/?tab=comments#comment-3968446
  20. The reason you don’t see many Orion US scopes in the UK is that there is no UK distributor. Another dob worth considering is the Omegon push to. Like their push to system. Scope is actually made by GSO. https://www.astroshop.eu/telescopes/omegon-dobson-telescope-push-n-203-1000/p,51434 Optics of the Orion US, Skywatcher and Omegon are the same quality.
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