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  1. Hey hope everyone has had a good xmas and new year. I'll be booking up for 7 nights. Not sure what nights yet but probably sunday to sunday to try and catch some empty roads
  2. Do you mean hand-delivered by Al himself?
  3. Home now. The drive took 9 hours with breaks so tired but happy! What a fantastic week. Four and a half clear nights with plenty of observing and banter. Was great to see everyone again. Big thanks as always to Mike for his hospitality and warmth and for always making me feel welcome. And thanks to Lesley and Ralph for the stay and putting on the food on friday night. And to everyone who chipped in and contributed to making the 10th anniversary a big success Can't wait to return next year
  4. All new Herschels bagged in the last two nights. All OCLs except for those stated :- Cygnus - 6866, 7128, 7086, 7062, 7044, 7008 PLN, 6834 Draco - 5982 GAL, 5985 GAL (couldn't get the third of the Draco triplet!) Gemini - 2371 PLN, 2372 PLN Taurus - 1647, looked really hard for 1817 but couldn't find it! Persus - 1245, 1545, 1528, 1513 (looks like a snake to me), 1342, 1023 GAL, 1444 Delphinus - 6905 PLN, 7006 GLOB Aquila - 6755, 6756, 6781 PLN Rounded it off with a very detailed look at UGC 7490. What a pretty galaxy. Such fine detail to be teased out. Now I know why Damain spends ages looking for it
  5. We had a good dose of clear skies last night. Wind had dropped so was very peacefull with just the odd owl hoot and horse munching to break the calm. Bagged a few new Herschel objects for the first time in an age. Although clear, the transparency wasn't great so I concentrated on mostly star clusters rather than chasing galaxies. Cass - NGCs 659, 654, 637, 436, 381, 278, 225, 136 Andromeda - NGCs 7686, 404 Pegasus - NGCs 7217, 7448 Gemini - NGCs 2371 and 2372 - pair of planetary neb needed a UHC to bring out the hourglass shape Safe journey to everyone who's making the trip this week. Glad the car is fixed in time for you Ian
  6. Yes have a safe journey. Take it easy on the long drive. Make sure you bring all the kit so you don't have to borrow off Julian I'll be loading the car saturday next week and setting off early hours sunday morning.
  7. Good news. I've managed to get the time off work. So I'll be arriving on the 27th and leaving on the 3rd. I haven't seen everyone for a while so can't wait to catch up
  8. Nice one Adrian. I'll give you a hand to put your tent up on the saturday......hope its not too windy!! I'll be leaving on the monday 28th but we'll have a couple of days to catch up ?
  9. Cool. That means I'll only have to have conversations with myself for three days until company arrives ? Hope you're keeping well ?
  10. I really want to make it this autumn, especially as its the 10th anniversary. But I've got issues lately with not being able to get time off work during half term periods which is why I haven't made the last couple of trips. So I'm toying with the idea of arriving on the 21st and staying the week before. I'll be billy no mates and have to go home before the main event ? but at least I'll have made the trip!
  11. Hey everyone. Hope you all have a great time. Gutted I can't make it this autumn but I'll be making the long drive next spring. Saturday night forecast is looking good for you ? Keep the posts coming!
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