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  1. I'll look forward to it What size did you order? You mentioned the 14"?
  2. I like the look of these Taurus dobs. Have you had any more thoughts on them Steve?
  3. Looks good You should find they'll help you out a lot. I've done something similar for my Telrad and my finder scope to give the correct field of view when star hopping. I've got velcro on each one to attach to the side of the atlas when not in use.
  4. Great stuff. Really enjoyed reading through your observing session. Good luck with your dew issues, you'll get it sorted in no time
  5. Hello Denys. Hope you enjoy getting into astro it can be very rewarding and fun. In terms of magnification I think a 20mm with 70 degrees will work well as a finder eyepiece to locate objects. That gives you a field of view almost identical to what I use to locate objects. For a second higher power eyepiece it will depend on what your preferences are for viewing and how your own interests develop. I mostly hunt down faint fuzzies and I mostly use a magnification of x90 and x125 for viewing galaxies, star clusters and nebulae. A 6mm eyepiece would give you this. To view planets this generally requires more magnification again. Plus how stable the atmosphere is will play a large part when viewing planets, the more 'still' the atmosphere the more magnification you can use. The general guidelines is up to about x200 as a ball park figure. I think the 6mm with a barlow will be too much magnification unless you live in a location with great viewing conditions. If you don't, I'd be tempted to go with a 4mm eyepiece instead of the barlow which will give you a mag of x188. A 20mm, 6mm and 4mm will give you a nice range. Hope this is of some help. Enjoy the hobby and clear skies!!
  6. Derek, you've got the moon age wrong. Deffo not 29.44 days. I specifically remember seeing it as a child and that was a long time ago Grabs hat......
  7. I leave my mirror alone......until it starts to look really gunky. Mine will fit in the kitchen sink. I use a little bit of washing liquid and let it soak for a minute then rinse off with distilled water. Prop it on its side to drip dry. At a guess I think I've cleaned it twice in the last eight years or so.
  8. Will be Mars opposition on the tuesday night (13th). In pisces. Around midnight. Should be decent this year. Allegedly. Current forecast has it snow showers easing off after sunset.
  9. I really hope it goes ahead this autumn. What a nice way it would be to come out of lock down with a trip to drumroamin under a starry sky and good company. I have an image in my head of everyone's rigs having two meter markers on the ground radiating outwards Whether it be this autumn or next year it can't come soon enough. Stay safe everyone
  10. its kinda nice observing inside in the warm.........
  11. and pretty confident on M37 and M38......can't make out M36 tho......
  12. Forecast is clear after midnight tonight for anyone who has arrived already. I've lost track of who's attending given the sogginess of the situation but here's hoping for some clear skies for everyone this weekend. I look forward to seeing some lunar images from Damian please.
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