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  1. Good news. I've managed to get the time off work. So I'll be arriving on the 27th and leaving on the 3rd. I haven't seen everyone for a while so can't wait to catch up
  2. Nice one Adrian. I'll give you a hand to put your tent up on the saturday......hope its not too windy!! I'll be leaving on the monday 28th but we'll have a couple of days to catch up ?
  3. Cool. That means I'll only have to have conversations with myself for three days until company arrives ? Hope you're keeping well ?
  4. I really want to make it this autumn, especially as its the 10th anniversary. But I've got issues lately with not being able to get time off work during half term periods which is why I haven't made the last couple of trips. So I'm toying with the idea of arriving on the 21st and staying the week before. I'll be billy no mates and have to go home before the main event ? but at least I'll have made the trip!
  5. Hey everyone. Hope you all have a great time. Gutted I can't make it this autumn but I'll be making the long drive next spring. Saturday night forecast is looking good for you ? Keep the posts coming!
  6. Used but in excellent condition. £10 postage included to UK. Bank transfer or Paypal free.
  7. Good luck with the build. Plenty of pics please
  8. Clear Outside has predicted a grand total of 5 clear hours between now and sunday night next weekend for my area. But even those measly 5 hours fall outside of astro dark and coincide with a 78% moon. Gotta love this hobby
  9. What? Yes good to catch up with you as well. Spend ages looking forward to these things and then they always go too quickly. Would be great to meet up again in Oct
  10. Phew, just got home safe and sound! Great to catch up with everyone again and it was very satisfying to finally get some time at the eyepiece for what seems like an age since the last session. Hope everyone still at the camp have a good night. Cheers Mike and Lesley for everything On a personal note, I have an on going issue with IC342. Yes you know who you are Mr Caldwell 5. Your evasiveness is most impressive and you've managed to elude me yet again. But I have a message for you........I know what you are but I don't know what you want. If you're looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money... but what I do have is a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long time. Skills that make me a nightmare for DSOs like you. I will look for you, I will pursue you, I will find you................ and I will tick you off the list
  11. Had plenty of high cloud after sunset last night which gave little clear patches here and there which made viewing very difficult/non-existant so decided to "chill out" in the warm room for a while. Popped out about 10ish with the intention of putting the cover over the dob for the night and saw the high cloud had mostly cleared but leaving a very washed out and milky sky similar to monday night. Thought I'd try for a couple of faint fuzzies before packing away but ended up having a bit of a session where I bagged 10 new NGCs in Leo The views were pretty awful but they all count nonetheless! 3810;3640;3593;3521;3190;3489;2964;3193;3226;3227 Big thanks to Mike for the warm welcome. Great to look through Damian's dob and spot the horse head again. And cheers Adrian and Julian for helping me pitch my tent, chase it across two fields, repair it and pitch it again!!
  12. For everyone there on the first sunday night just have a look at the current forecast
  13. Finally got round to transferring my deposit from the autumn so I've booked 7 nights sunday to sunday. 68 days to go. Hurrah!!
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