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  1. For sale Excellent condition with hardly a mark on it. Only used on a few occasions. £10 and I'll post Royal Mail 2nd class incl. Paypal or bank transfer. Thanks for looking.
  2. Great video from NASA. Can just make out the Millenium Falcon pass through at 1:49
  3. Forgot to mention I've booked 9th to 16th. Hopefully Cardiff won't go into lock down just prior to this and I'll be able to make it this time!!
  4. I placed an order for a dew strap with FLO yesterday at 13:45 expecting it to arrive sometime after the weekend. I got home from work today to find it laying on my door mat!!! Brilliant service
  5. Yes dark and transparent skies. I've been under dark skies and failed to see M33 because the transparency has been poor. I've settled into an observing routine where I'll pick out a few faint galaxies early on in the night just to get an idea of what the night ahead will be like. Some nights if its clear but poor transparency I'll settle for hunting for star clusters rather than galaxies just to avoid getting frustrated. And then I'll concentrate on hunting galaxies when those special nights come along!
  6. Great report! Glad you got some clear skies at drumroamin
  7. Nice one! A trip to Drumroamin is not complete unless the horse makes an appearance
  8. Hi Ian, yes I phoned Leslie to let her know so hopefully you'll be able to get it arranged. Hope you have a great few days and see you at the next one.
  9. Thanks Derek Gotta say the forecast for monday night onwards is looking great so far. The early birds will be bagging the horsehead night after night........ Monday Tuesday Wednesday
  10. Unfortunately I can't make it this autumn. Cardiff is in lockdown and I can't leave the area due to welsh rules. I'm re-booked for next spring. Really gutted to be missing out but also looking forward to seeing everyone's posts and pics. Wishing you all a great time and clear skies!!!!
  11. Really enjoying your messier reports. Deffo go for the galaxies on those darker clearer nights. It'll be interesting to follow your journey so keep posting them
  12. Depending on what is viewable I would have to spend the night looking at the showpiece galaxies such as Triangulum, Pinwheel, Andromeda, Sombrero, Whirlpool and Spindle. I'd love to see just how much more detail can be seen.
  13. I was observing that night as well and had some great views of the veil. I love this time of year with the return of the dark nights and the summer triangle so high overhead. The North America nebula was very prominent so it must have been good transparent skies that night.
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