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  1. Still goog here besides the moon lighting up the night sky.
  2. I've just set up. Looking clear but moon to contend with. Still it's been a while since last been out observing so I'll make the most of it.
  3. I'm thinking of just getting the mount and hopefully they will produce vixen only saddles. John did say he managed to fit his adm but said it somehow didn't look right. I dont really want to spend £150 x 2 for 2 dual fit saddles when really all I'll use is vixen fittings Paul
  4. BTW. I would be interested in knowing if most people are ordering just the basic mount with or without any accessories? Saddles,encoders,etc? Regards Paul
  5. I will be ordering one early in the new year.
  6. I also have a 32mm tv plossl. However I did notice it had a very long eye relief. But purchased it for observing with my specs on. For use without specs you really need an extender.
  7. Yes I had a look at 6pn but had to go to my local astronomy club. Otherwise I'd have set up to observe.
  8. Clear here at moment. Off to my local astronomy club meeting tonight. If its clear later I'll be out observing.
  9. I'm tempted to stay out that long. But if I do I will have to get my dew heater out.
  10. It's been over a month since last time I had a clear night to observe Just my small scope out as it's late. Easier to pack away later. So I'm using my little zenith star 73mm
  11. Well by the time my scope has cooled enough orion should be perfect south and at a good height to view.
  12. Well I'm home from work and its clear Scope out for a few hours now. I will probably stay out as long as poss.
  13. It's been that bad here in Northampton for over a month . Just no giving in with this cloudy rainy weather. Ive never had a whole month without observing since I began this hobby almost 5 years ago. It's been that bad ive not really even bothered coming on this site much. Still it has to change at some point .
  14. Yes Stu. The dual format saddles are quite expensive at £150 each.
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