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  1. djpaul

    Skywatcher az-gti mount

    Can any skywatcher az-gti mount owners in the UK recommend me a suitable light weight battery pack?
  2. djpaul

    Skywatcher az-gti mount

    Lol. So won't need that sort of power then. Tracer batteries won't over charge or go weak if drained. Can you please send me a link to a suitable battery for a good nights use available in the UK. Paul
  3. djpaul

    Skywatcher az-gti mount

    Reason I ask is I've been offered one in as new condition barely used for £120.
  4. djpaul

    Skywatcher az-gti mount

    Would this do the job https://www.firstlightoptics.com/batteries-powerpacks/tracer-lifepo4-12v-16ah-battery-pack.html
  5. djpaul

    Skywatcher az-gti mount

    Also has anyone used batteries at any point.?
  6. djpaul

    Skywatcher az-gti mount

    That was my next question . Should I buy a cross hair eyepiece? Will probably look for one on the abs site. Also need advise on a powertank? Paul
  7. djpaul

    Skywatcher az-gti mount

    Yes just for visual
  8. Hi everyone. Just purchased a az-gti mount for use with a william optics 73mm zenithstar. Any recommendations on set up. Using the sky scan app would be helpful on getting the most accurate tracking. Paul
  9. djpaul

    Total Lunar Eclipse 2019 Info

    Heavy cloud here in northampton. The last lunar eclipse in 2015 was my first year studying astronomy and I stayed up all night to witness the event. Not so lucky this time around.
  10. I have bought a fair few secondhand Televue ethos and nagler eyepieces. I look at it this way. If I ever need the money I would probably loose nothing on what I ha ve paid for them. I fact some of the deals I have made were ridiculously cheap compared to buying brand new ones.
  11. I recently purchased a william optics zenithstar 73mm for this very same reason. And I am also about to purchase a skywatcher az gti mount for it. ( pick it up on monday ) It's a very well built scope and I can also say the focuser can handle my very heavy ethos eyepieces with no problems.even at the zenith. Although I have replaced the stock locking ring on the focuser for a william optics Roto lock as my 2 inch diagonal has a saftey cut that slipped occasionally. The zenithstar is small enough to fit inside a standard size camera case and is very portable.
  12. Hi John I think it may have been you I spoke with a few days ago about a 2 inch x2 powermate. ? My main usage would be with my william optics 73mm zenithstar and dslr firstly for lunar pics.
  13. Best tell her after purchasing. Rather than before.
  14. Lol. That's the standard thing most do. Although my partner has a horse that costs more than my hobby. So I'm always upfront with cost of kit.

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