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  1. I have a pair of Hawke Frontier 8x43 ed bins. They give a nice wide view of about 8.4 degrees. I would recommend them . I think I paid £230 for them. Very good build quality. But I do find the focuser is harder to adjust on very cold nights. Other than that I'm very happy with mine
  2. I have brought in my 5 inch refractor as it's a little cloudy at moment. Popping out the 73mm incase it clears again. Glass of vino whist it clears hopefully
  3. Yes it's not great at all ... But just needed to get out as it's been rubbish for so long. Im looking forward to those frosty clear nights winter brings.
  4. Bit off topic. Using a new dew heater for the first time. How marm should it get? Its luke warm And mainly at one end. Bought it new at the astro show in kettering early this year. Attached to my fully charged tracer battery.
  5. Well what do you know.... right on cue as the weather says. Its clearing here.
  6. I'm waiting too see how well it clears. Supposed to be clear at 9pm -3am in Northampton
  7. So sorry to hear about the problems you are having. It sort of puts you off . I had issues with the sky tee and wouldn't buy another one because of the issues I found with its build quality. I was considering the ioptron pro a few weeks back. But I'm holding back and also extremely interested in the Rowan Astronomy mount. BTW at the moment I'm using an EQ5 and have done a modification to use it as an alt az mount. I'm looking to purchase the Rowan Astronomy mount pending field reports from John and Stu.
  8. Same in Northampton. Rain.. rain.... and more rain....
  9. Seeing Saturn for the first time was one. Finally finding Andromeda was another. Seeing Orion in all its splendor every winter on a crisp clear night.
  10. I've been in this hobby 4 years now. Started with my 120ed but on a manual mount for the first 3 years. Recently bought a William optics zenithstar for a wider field of view and to use if im out camping. And bought my first goto this year . I prefer the use of a standard manual alt /az mount rather than goto.
  11. Great to hear. Looking forward to your report
  12. Binoculars are a great start in astronomy. I have a pair of 8x43 and 15x70 . As said a mono pod would help keep them steady. Or I find leaning against a solid object . Maybe the house or a shed depending where you are looking really helps keep the view steady . For a super wide view of whole constellations the vixen sg 2.1 bins are great.
  13. I'm just home from work. Testing my new 2 inch baader moon filter.
  14. So it cleared outside john. Really looking forward to the first night field test report.
  15. Hi John. Well your first impressions sound very promising. I must say it looks like a substantial mount, more than capable to handling anything put on it. Hopping you get clear skies very soon to give a detailed opinion on its capabilities. Paul
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