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  1. M42

    WO Megrez 72FD + FF, Canon 550d & EQ6 pro 54 minutes of 3 minute subs + 10 x 5 second core subs + 2 x 5 minute subs for outer regions. Captured at a darksite. Lots of USB issues communicating with the camera. Also found camera loose on flattener and possibly focus not quite spot on (forgot my reading glasses) which may explain the star shapes at both lower corners. 74 minutes from a 4 hour session!
  2. Putting the CCD to bed?

    Should say my CCD is older with no controls for the cooling (to -30 below ambient) so I remove it from the scope and put it in the garage (Where it lives) to cool naturally rather than bring it into the house. If I go to my darksite I drive there (22 miles away) with the heating in the car turned to cold and coming home I only just have a little bit of heat on.
  3. Putting the CCD to bed?

    My CCD lives in a ventilated plastic storage box in the detached garage. I have two 500g bags of desiccant in there too. The box is quite big as my Williams optics 72FD and guidescope are also in there.
  4. ZWO ASI 1600MM-PRO USB 3.0 Mono Camera

    I also replaced my HDD with a SSD in my laptop, used the suggested software to make a copy of the original HDD, very easy and very fast now.
  5. ZWO ASI 1600MM-PRO USB 3.0 Mono Camera

    Or add USB3 PCI card to your system. Assuming it's a PC.
  6. First image with my new scope

    Very nice Peter, thought you ha been quiet for a while!
  7. Parsec Observatory - Avani Soares

    Very nice. How do you rate the 12" GSO as a scope?
  8. The darksite I use (With landowners permission) is quite near the Police helicopter station and we frequently get Buzzed especially on Friday/Saturday nights when they are very busy. Haven't had a visit from them yet. The landowner often passes by and has a chat.
  9. Bolstering security of the observatory

    They way they are fitted means you wouldn't know they are there so hopefully that would be enough to make life awkward for a burglar.
  10. HEQ5 vs NEQ6 physical size

    I have both and the 6 is virtually double the size of the HEQ5, it is a different beast entirely.
  11. Bolstering security of the observatory

    I have these - http://www.diy.com/departments/yale-deadlock/252193_BQ.prd?icamp=recs&rrec=true They are in the door frame and from the outside there is only a 6mm hole for the key so you wouldn't see them in the dark unless you know they are there. On the inside the floor level is 4 inches higher than the bottom of the door and a beam runs across near the top of the door preventing it being pushed in. On the inside of the door behind the hinges I have 8 inch steel bars that sit behind the door frame when shut. Basically it looks like a standard shed door from the outside.
  12. Setting up the HEQ5

    Before I built my Obsy I marked the spot where the tripod legs sat once the scope had good alignment, then each time I set up I put the tripod on the marks and quite often little or no adjustment was required for Polar alignment. Have seen others Epoxying large washers to the patio slabs where the tripod legs sit.
  13. Astronomik RGB

    The type 2 are higher quality, better light tranmission and each colour covers a slightly wider range. From their website : Comparing Astronomik CCD Photographic Filters to our Visual Filters: Unlike Astronomik Visual Filters which do not require IR blocking, our Astronomik CCD Photographic Filters do include IR blocking filter layers to prevent any problems from Infrared Radiation (IR) when using CCD and chemical photographic devices. I was lucky and mine came up on the second hand market.
  14. Astronomik RGB

    I have a set of Astronomic RGB type 2 filters a Ha filter and a CLS-CCD filter for luminance, they seem parafocal to me when checked with a Batty mask.
  15. Astronomik RGB

    They will cut IR which starts at 750nm upwards.