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  1. Old Starlight Xpress ccds?

    I ran my old SXV-H9 on windows 7 & 8 no problems.
  2. The end of LP filters?

    I have found here in Northants that the LED lights have improved the LP situation and most LP is coming from industrial units with misdirected lighting. The best nights to get an idea are misty nights when you can see the light beams.
  3. how do I find ADU values?

    Sorry, thinking of Neb3
  4. how do I find ADU values?

    I don't use GIMP but if it's like photoshop there is an info window you can open and it gives you the value of the pixels where your mouse pointer is.
  5. Fullerscope Mount

    I believe Sir Patrick Moore had one of these with a 5 inch refractor on it.
  6. Polar misalignment!

    I used Sharpcap Polar routine and got the errors down to 1" on each axis. Pointing at the pole and rotating the RA confirmed it was good as the stars all streaked in line with the reticle circle on screen on long exposure. PHD2 however keeps going on about DEC backlash and has done so on both my mounts, I find the original PHD guides far better without complaining!
  7. 12 minute Rosette

    Due to misshapen stars after the Meridian flip & focuser rotation (36 subs) here is the 4 subs prior to the flip. Rosette_4_subs_15feb18_Medium Canon 550d (Modded), WO Megraz 72fd + FF, EQ6 4x 3 minute subs + Darks & Flats.
  8. EQ 6 problems

    Glad it is sorted, mine uses Prolific chipset in my eqmod adapter and usually self installs. Never use my handset....EQMOD is the way forward.
  9. HEQ5 (Black) Hand Controller Problem?

    Normal. Going East is the direction Earth rotates, therefore stopping the motor allows the Earth to move your scope (so to speak). The reverse switch corrects this if you are the southern hemisphere.
  10. EQ 6 problems

    My eqmod regularly can't find the com port, look in device manager and you should see what port it is attached to in there, then just manually select it in eqmod. A new board might be your only option mate.
  11. EQ 6 problems

    Yes, the wires to the back of the handset connector are very fragile. A gentle wiggle and the handset came out of stand alone mode. Sorry for the delay, first night off nightshift.
  12. EQ 6 problems

    I had this with my EQ6 pro, it turned out to be the wiring on the back of the connector on the mount.
  13. M42

    WO Megrez 72FD + FF, Canon 550d & EQ6 pro 54 minutes of 3 minute subs + 10 x 5 second core subs + 2 x 5 minute subs for outer regions. Captured at a darksite. Lots of USB issues communicating with the camera. Also found camera loose on flattener and possibly focus not quite spot on (forgot my reading glasses) which may explain the star shapes at both lower corners. 74 minutes from a 4 hour session!
  14. Putting the CCD to bed?

    Should say my CCD is older with no controls for the cooling (to -30 below ambient) so I remove it from the scope and put it in the garage (Where it lives) to cool naturally rather than bring it into the house. If I go to my darksite I drive there (22 miles away) with the heating in the car turned to cold and coming home I only just have a little bit of heat on.
  15. Putting the CCD to bed?

    My CCD lives in a ventilated plastic storage box in the detached garage. I have two 500g bags of desiccant in there too. The box is quite big as my Williams optics 72FD and guidescope are also in there.