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  1. Observatory anyone?

    Would like to see the Panettone that came in that box!!!
  2. Deer Lick & Stephan's Quintet now >6hrs data

    Like the second image, well done.
  3. what's everyone viewing tonight

    Sat outside for 30 minutes here in Northants deciding whether to setup or not, decide not due to high cloud dimming the sky so much. Was total cloud by 10-30pm.
  4. Power station replacement options?

    Sorry, at home I use a mains regulated power supply - https://www.modelsport.co.uk/fusion-100w-13-8v-power-supply/rc-car-products/395803 For away from home I built a box for my 90Ah leisure battery.
  5. Power station replacement options?

    Q. For home or away use?
  6. Our Observatory telescope

    Nice looking setup. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Skywatcher quality!

    Hi all, I just aquired an EQ6 pro mount last week and decided to do the power plug mod. (I am a Licensed Aircraft Avionics engineer and have been trained in soldering, fault finding, etc. during my apprenticeship 25 years ago!) Fired the mount up and it wouldn't talk to EQMOD (Been using for 5 years), tried the handset and kept getting the message "Handset in stand alone mode". Disconnect the 2 solder joints from the power mod. and got the same result. Now thinking I need a new Circuit board! But nothing was overheated & no burning smell. Anyway I decided that my soldering hadn't stressed/overheat the board so started looking at the handset cable & connector, all seems good. Looked at the ridiculously small wires on the mount side of the handset connector and all seemed OK. Powered up and all is fine, seems the handset connector to circuit board loom is dodgy! Suspect they are made by the same people that make i-phone charger leads!
  8. Autoguiding my newtonion skywatcher 200 dps

    I guided my 200p on a HEQ5 with a ST80 & QHY5. It proved to be just a bit too much for the mount as guiding was hit and miss with lots of subs being chucked away. The mount required 13 Kgs of counterweight to balance the scope. I made my own mount for the ST80 using Aluminum bar secured on the top using the existing threaded holes. Tried a finder guider using the 50mm finderscope but the mount for the finderscope isn't really up to the job IMHO. I bought a QHY 60mm guidescope which is much lighter and has a helical focuser.
  9. Camera driver issue

    I'm no expert but I suspect the firmware of the cameras would have to identify each camera differently so the software knows which one it's talking to.
  10. First Eyepiece Purchase

    I have used a friends Televue 31mm Nagler, top notch eyepiece but a bit expensive for me so I bought an Explore scientific 30mm 82 degree eyepiece and have found little difference between them. Explore Scientific 82 degree eyepieces = near Televue performance at budget prices.
  11. 1st Jupiter for a couple of weeks

    Nice capture Pete. I'm looking for a new scope for Planetary imaging and keep coming back to the C9.25, the other scopes are generally 12 inch newts.
  12. They were a company based in Wales if memory serves me and they used David Hinds mirrors. Have seen a few of their 16 inch dobs about.
  13. Jupiter 24Apr17

    Yep, that was the site, it downloaded this time but very slowly. Thanks, will try it with my next batch of AVI's.
  14. Jupiter 24Apr17

    Can't get AS3 to download past 3Mb, it just times out.