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  1. When I had a 4 inch frac I found the views almost identical to the 8 inch Newt visually anyway. Light pollution aside Planetary viewing improves loads with aperture gain.
  2. Thanks guys.
  3. If my images inspire then i'm very happy Thanks. I used my HEQ5 last night, it was a bit breezy at times. Motor focus via PC and EQMOD make it a hands off operation.
  4. The 2 best AVI's from AS2, conditions went downhill fast. SW200p, 2.5x powermate & ASI120mc Each stack was 3150 frames (70%) from 4500 captured.
  5. An Observatory in the garden usually has viewing restrictions but if you use an EQ mount it saves a lot of time and frustration. My HEQ5 & scope etc. takes about 40 minutes to set up and be ready to observe and have been frustrated many times getting all set up and finding the clouds rolling in, now with my Obsy I am up and running in about 5 - 10 minutes and shut up in about 5 minutes so it maximises viewing/imaging time. My Obsy isn't up and running yet (Re-build/upgrade in progress) and I often think "Can't be bothered cause the clouds will roll in". I have a mount in the Obsy and my HEQ5 for trips to a darksite.
  6. Great idea, would be good for starparties.
  7. I was the same, didn't want permanent runners so I have one detachable and the other is permanent but it's next to the fence anyway so didn't matter. Pictures during construction.
  8. I picked up three 1Kg dumbell weights (Just ) at Tesco, they needed a little packing around the counterweight bar and a hose clamp to secure. I've used my HEQ5 with just my Canon DSLR on it.
  9. Ventilation will help. I also used desiccant bags to keep it dry.
  10. Picture of the family -
  11. You will love this eyepiece, I bought mine last year and have had some of the best views ever with it. Was worried about the weight and thought I might have to rebalance my 200p on the HEQ5 but it handled it fine. Definitely a keeper.
  12. With the roof open the dew falls on the open roof panels which are actually the inside when you close it.
  13. My first design was the same but after several years of use and a move of house I got fed up with the dew forming on the roof then dripping into the Obsy when the roof is closed. Now I have a roll off roof.
  14. I suspect the gearing is different and needs more microsteps per revolution.
  15. I have kept the standard galvanised hinges that screw in from the outside, however I replaced one screw on each side of the hinge with a mushroom head coach bolt. So now they try and knock the hinge pin out, the door won't push in because there are beams that prevent it, it can't be pulled open because there are metal bars on the inside secured by the hinge coach bolts, these bars go behind the door frame when the door is shut. Decent padlock and hasp with concealed bolts. Also have two concealed patio door type barrel locks just in case the padlock is beaten! Simple methods that will hopefully put off anyone trying to get in.