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  1. Hi Neil if you can focus on nearer objects but not further away , try it in the daytime as its much easier to see what you're doing , I know its been said before but make sure your only using the 2"x1.25" adaptor in the focuser you will have been supplied a 2" eyepiece adaptor with the scope , you only need to use this if you have 2" eyepieces , if you use both you'll be able to focus on nearer objects but not further away . I did the exact same thing myself and wondered why I couldn't see anything
  2. Hi Bebuuk Before you spend any more money get yourself out to a local astro club's observing session they're usually a friendly bunch and most will let you try an eyepiece in your scope to let you see if it suits you and the scope , as what is good for some may not suit others as our eyes are all different . Hope this helps
  3. Pyrodave

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    You'll come back twice the man you were if you carry on like that lmao
  4. Cracking shot mate can't remember the last time I got out with the scope , hope to see you soon
  5. Yes input the cords into the synscan handset manually, also remember the date is in american format as in month/day Daylight savings starts 27 march so answer no to this until then see http://www.timeanddate.com/time/dst/2016.html If the mount does anything unusual like pointing in the wrong place double and triple check all the info you've input into the hanset
  6. Just tried EQMod with win 10 and it wouldnt connect , It seems that whilst upgrading the com ports have changed . The usb I usually use to connect mount always used to be com 3 now its com 4 . went in to eqmod telescope settings ,changed the port number and connected and working ,
  7. A few weeks worth of clear skies would help aswelll
  8. +1 for the leisure battery I've had 3 powertanks in the past and all have developed issues over time Since changing to a leisure battery and decent charger I've never been without power .There's nothing worse than eventually getting a decent night, and having to pack up early because the power pack is dead.
  9. Not sure how good the celestron /skywatcher powertanks are but I've gone through 3 of the automotive type power packs in the past . I now use an 85 amp hr leisure battery and keep it topped up with my optimate battery conditioner and have never run out of power since . The trouble with the smaller powertanks is if you let them drain completely they never recover properly
  10. Hi Tom, As Alexxx has said, try startrails software with more exposures and a smaller interval .There is a setting in startrails that fills the gap between exposures so you get complete trails . Hope this helps
  11. Take a look at this series of videos he does some great tutorials
  12. Amazing images love the coffee filter
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