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  1. Why not use the EQ8 autohome function, I use it with EQMOD and works a treat...
  2. No, don’t worry about it, the 4gb is perfect, I use RPI4 for all my imaging, and no need for the 8gb version, you would not notice any difference as all the software is 32bit, and so can’t really use anymore than. 4gb....I’m not upgrading...
  3. Looking for one of the above tube cradles, preferably in the newer Tak blue colour to match my scope, I think they changes to this colour in late 2017... if you have one to sell, please send me a PM.. Thanks for looking Stuart
  4. Why does it show EQ5/6 in the EQMOD driver when you have an EQ8...? Also have you got the encoders turned off on the EQ8.....?
  5. Already in stock at the PI hut... no need for back order.... https://thepihut.com/products/raspberry-pi-4-model-b?variant=31994565689406
  6. Yes, that’s what I meant to say above....
  7. Hmmmm, Astroberry and Stellarmate are both 32 bit so can’t use more than 4gb anyway....unless some major changes are made to both OS’s....
  8. Hmmm, No Limit... not sure that is correct, Especially on a single 2.5mm cable
  9. There is a filter, you can show whichever ads you want to see, for sale or wanted, or all...
  10. Well I dont think 5 sockets of each single wire is too bad, but for ten sockets....Personally I would use a ring
  11. If you have pulled two mains cables into the dome from your consumer unit, then best to create a ring main with them, rather than split into two...
  12. That’s my point, it was released a week ago... https://www.tomshardware.com/uk/how-to/boot-raspberry-pi-4-usb
  13. It sounds like you had the clutch either too tight or not tight enough, the way I understand with the clutches on these mounts is that you turn the black clutch knob to tighten, then when just snug, back it off a small amount, the magnetic gear will keep it in place and prevent any backlash, the grinding you heard sounds like it was probably too tight...if used correctly the clutch system on these mounts is very good... HTH don’t give up....
  14. The RPi4 doesn't boot off USB3 yet but there is quite a simple mod that's available that allows the system to run completely off the SSD. I think you need to reword your post, as you have contradicted yourself by saying the rpi4 DOES NOT boot from USB 3 yet, and then saying that the rpi4 can run completly off an SSD drive, which is connected to USB 3.... The rpi4 CAN now boot from USB 3 with the firmware update in the link you sent....
  15. The thing is with any software, it will assume that when you first power up the scope is in the home position, weights down scope pointing at NCP, unless you have predefined a different position in the software... So your mount is an EC version, so it has encoders, this may well be the issue, I have them on my EQ8 but have them turned off all the time... So when you start Kstars and power on the mount, where is the red mount crosshair on the skymap, it should start on the NCP...? And how have yo got the mount set up at this point, with weights down and pointing at the NCP...?
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