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  1. We had the LED ones fitted here in the autumn, but due to the location of the column, it now shines directly down into the garden in my viewing area (obsy). I've been away from work for the last 6 months so only now have I got round to fixing the problem. They can shade the rears, but not the fronts (which is where my light problem comes from). Despite many polite letters, the solution has had to be my own - to make a shield to fit to the obsy to block out the light. It works, but is far from elegant.
  2. You may have noticed (or not) but I've not been round here much recently. Manic workloads and much travel has rendered astro hobbies suspended for a while. In addition, Northants council has installed new street lighting in my road, much reducing sky glow but there is, however, a sting in the tail...... In all the road, there are 4 columns. When they published the locations, I contacted the installers to point out the location planned was in absolutely the wrong place. In the whole road, they had picked the one position where I can see it from my obsy [emoji35] . 'Not to worry', they responded
  3. Hi folks. Imaging season again, so back for more advice (pretty please). I've only taken a small amount of data so far and as this is my 1st go at an HaRGB image, I'm unsure what to do next. I've taken a number of binned (2x2) RGB shots and then some longer (600 second) 1x1 Ha. No calibration frames or stuff as yet. I know I need to keep going with Ha to add more detail, but should I drop red to 1x1 rather than binned as this is the main colour? I'm using the PI combination script for combining red and Ha, so should my main focus be on Ha? Thanks folks. Comments and help always appreciated.
  4. ... keeping the images from trailing. I had a quick crack with the C9.25 and Atik 314 last night and the result was a little under whelming to say the least I could only really get 3 minute exposure before the trailing became too much - the mount was horribly balanced and I really didn't spend a lot of time setting up. Must try harder.... Back to shorter focal lengths I think until I can afford a decent OAG. The best I got was this:
  5. Been a while since I got out and about...... what with work and stuff... Seem me being away from home coincides with clear nights and visa versa, but this evening I'm home.... Can't spend too long as I have an early start but imaging.... Weeeeheeeee
  6. I know you're in Northants, so you've noticed a difference too?
  7. Just wanted to check someone else's opinion, especially if they live in Northants. I was out observing visually last night and could swear the skies have gotten darker. It was my 1st session this year since summer gave in and started getting darker again, but I swear I could see more this year than last. Northants is gradually switching over to white street lights and this might account for it. I think about 40% of the county is done so far (not my street yet) - perhaps this is having an effect.
  8. Having run them round the Dyson, I'm hoping they're too dizzy to find their way back.
  9. I'm back! With summer drawing to a glorious end, I notice the nights are starting to draw in again. Time to resurface and get back on the astronomy horse! The obsy has been hoovered to evict the spiders and everything tested, so prepare for clouds from now until next year.
  10. Will these clouds ever lift?

    1. Daniel-K


      clear sky's FC here tonight

    2. jabeoo1


      Yep at 20:33 tonight !

  11. Needs some nice brass handles and a plaque on top I reckon
  12. No need to apologise. Thanks for the input.I have achieved similar levels of detail but started to think the image was too 'over processed' for my taste. Not sure which I prefer though.
  13. As a compulsive fiddler (ooeeerrrr....) I couldn't leave well alone. I wasn't happy with the image so went back to processing basics and got the following, which is much more to my liking. The colours are more natural and detail sharper, although I have some odd fringes around some of the stars if you zoom in. Any more hints, would be appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  14. Thanks folks. Agree with the comment regarding the reds. I've had a bit of a play and think it now looks better.
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