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  1. Definitely semtex. For those nights when a hot water bottle is not enough.
  2. We followed Starflyer's advice in Scotland in April this year and used electric blankets on our blow up beds...they were toasty!
  3. Hello jaygpoo! People were so friendly to me when I first turned up at SGL4 - it makes me ashamed that I haven't done the same for others! If you see me about, say hello and you'd be very welcome to come and have a bevvy or a biccy at our tent. My hair colour changes colour a lot, but I've usually got a big black hoody on with RUSH written across the front in red letters. I'd like to meet you!
  4. Why not just a midnight bouncy castle party in the style of The Mighty Boosh?
  5. Are you sure it was the red light blinding you, Tim, or was it Mr Dunbar's Laphroaig?
  6. I do love entering into the spirit of smug with you Rob! I think we should go back to Team Scumbag again this year...Les Quizerables was all very well, but lacked the anarchic undercurrent of Scumbag.
  7. Dammit! So if we're not guaranteed to win the astronomy quiz, could we have an astrology quiz instead please? 😈😂😆
  8. Yaaaaaarrrrrghhhh! Fantastic! I think we should rename tich. Bjorn Beer-Quaffer? Sigfred Scope-Twitcher? Beinar Big-Breakfast-Eater? I think that serious time and attention should be given to this community matter in the café!
  9. I'd like it to be made compulsory for tich to wear his Viking hat all weekend (seriously). It should also be made compulsory that Martin-"The-thrill-is-gone"-B quaffs heartily with me and Nicnac outside my tent for at least one night (or until he sings and dances). I also think Mike M should fix it again for our team to keep on winning his excellent quiz (usual payment terms, Mike?).
  10. It'll be my 10th SGL star party...wouldn't miss it for the world!
  11. Tim's Gone, Martin, Tim's Gone!
  12. I always think better after a spot of Cava, Gary... However much I like to claim the plaudits, Rob, it was my mate Nicnac who was the music wiz!
  13. Go Scumbag/Les Quizerables! (I don't know how we managed it, Rob!)
  14. Martin - it was a pleasure to enjoy your company on Friday night - what jolly japes we all had, eh?! I'll never listen to The Thrill is Gone or Brown Sugar in the same way again!
  15. Perhaps somebody should have given you a health warning about me Gary but we had to celebrate your birthday appropriately, didn't we? On a gloating note - hurrah for Scumbag College or our latest manifestation - Les Quizerables! I continue to be amazed at any team which can win an astronomy quiz two years running which has me as a member. Thank you again all the organisers - we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (again!). ps Martin B is a legend in our house. Anyone who can cycle to Hay on Wye and back on the same weekend as a night of serious jollity outside our tent is a star!