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  1. lulu57


  2. The car is driven by a mug - does that count?
  3. I'm deeply honoured that Martin's picture of my car won the competition! (The sky looks OK in it too!)
  4. Those are stunning photographs Mark - thank you!
  5. Beautiful colours John! Especially in the second photo!
  6. lulu57

    A big thank you

    Top notch weekend, yet again! Thank you very much organisers-and-sponsors-in-chief!
  7. Hurrah for Scumbag College! Nice stars...but I particularly like the way you make my Mondeo look like an Aston Martin!
  8. The marquee was an excellent idea and it worked really well. Thanks for sorting it!
  9. I really enjoyed that talk - it was excellent!
  10. It's probably a good thing Doctor Martin won't be there on quiz night - he'd probably start a conga around those tables (you know what a terror he is!).
  11. It's Mr Weasley's magic tent!
  12. What a good idea! Who put that up?
  13. This can be easily sorted out - click your heals together three times and whisper 'There's no place like home'.
  14. What about some astrology-related questions?
  15. Excellent! Can I try them all on? (We need to do something during the deluge!)
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