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  1. They don't make 'em like that any more!
  2. I think there should be an astronomical-karaoke round. I nominate The Ians to perform "I lost my heart to a Starship Trooper" in spangly body suits....(I'd pay good money to see that!).
  3. Go Scumbag! Can I be Vyvyan this year?! And can I call Michael Morris Bambi Gascoigne??
  4. I think that the most sensible suggestion in this situation would be for you to cheat shamelessly.
  5. You appear to be opposite us....poor you!
  6. It's on the pitch plan thread.
  7. Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh! Your SGL hat has made my day, tich! Do you think you could persuade Ian to get one?
  8. Hey - tich the Viking! Aaaaarggggh!! There's going to be a stoning?! I'll be there with two flats, two points and a packet of gravel...but if you don't mention Jehova, I suppose I could lend you a (rather inept) hand!
  9. There's always room for one more in team Scumbag College Amanda!
  10. That sounds very exciting!
  11. Take an electric blanket!
  12. MM might change his mind.... *Pulls universal skeleton key out of pocket, firtles in hidden box, and slides in questions about Star Trek, Abba and hair straighteners*
  13. If there's a round about Star Trek, I might actually be able to answer a question...(nudge nudge wink wink Mr Morris!).
  14. Cross my palm with a bottle of Prosecco and I'll be happy to provide the future vision of your choice!
  15. I would of course be most willing to run an astrology workshop, as everyone knows that astronomy and astrology are the same thing. *Ducks and runs*
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