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  1. Tim's Gone, Martin, Tim's Gone!
  2. I always think better after a spot of Cava, Gary... However much I like to claim the plaudits, Rob, it was my mate Nicnac who was the music wiz!
  3. Go Scumbag/Les Quizerables! (I don't know how we managed it, Rob!)
  4. Martin - it was a pleasure to enjoy your company on Friday night - what jolly japes we all had, eh?! I'll never listen to The Thrill is Gone or Brown Sugar in the same way again!
  5. Perhaps somebody should have given you a health warning about me Gary but we had to celebrate your birthday appropriately, didn't we? On a gloating note - hurrah for Scumbag College or our latest manifestation - Les Quizerables! I continue to be amazed at any team which can win an astronomy quiz two years running which has me as a member. Thank you again all the organisers - we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (again!). ps Martin B is a legend in our house. Anyone who can cycle to Hay on Wye and back on the same weekend as a night of serious jollity outside our tent is a star!
  6. It will be Ian's birthday, so he'll be getting pancakes, bacon and maple syrup! I spoil him rotten, y'know!
  7. Gaffer tape and possibly a bucket with a lid (use your imagination!).
  8. My targets for SGLXII are: quaffing a bottle or two of sparkly to celebrate Astronut's birthday (he's 59 on the Friday!) and may a tot or two of single malt (if Starflyer is willing!) play some serious cards/silly games late into the night (in the absence of clear skies) get up obscenely late in the morning cadge a glance or two through some of those delectable Dobsonians! ps Identity Alert We're borrowing my dad's caravan, so don't look for us in a tent! My hair's brown now (no longer blonde or red) so now you know - Michael Morris (ahem!) - you can't pretend you don't recognise me! But Ian's still bald(!)
  9. Yup I'm booked for meals on Fri, Sat, Sun - so I only have to cook on Monday now. Woo hoo!
  10. Astronut toots the most resounding dawn chorus most mornings! And me...I just play my face!
  11. Thanks for all the tips guys! It'll take me a few seasons to get through those sites!
  12. In April, Ian and I went to stay on a campsite in Suffolk. It had the most amazing dark skies, low horizons, plush new shower block and yummy breakfast baps. I'd never been to Suffolk before and I was so impressed. Here it is... (I'm not related to the owners and I don't have a vested interest, BTW). We saw so much galactic eye candy through my 8se and the Milky Way was resplendent - it was the best observing we'd had in years. Since we've both decided to work part-time, we're going to be holidaying in this country much more. Does anybody have any similar campsite gems they can recommend to us? I'm determined to get my money's worth out of this blow-up tent!
  13. But at least I corrected the spelling - before my edit, you would have been looking up "Paduan Learner", which probably refers to the archetypical North Italian Renaissance Man!
  14. You can never have too many Daves....
  15. Well, blow me down! I've not only learnt about the physics of bed-warming, I've learnt what AFAIK means too! (I had to look it up!) And in such a concise post too, Mike! You are the Master, I am your Padawan Learner!