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  1. Hi All: I just acquired a 200mm F4 newtonian from TS Optics which I'll use primarily for Electronic Assisted Observing with several ZWO cmos cameras. My challenge is that my current scope is an F3.6 schmidt newtonian so I have no experience with coma correctors or spacers/adaptors in the optical train. TS tells me that I need 55mm from the coma corrector (TSGPU) to the sensor. They provided 40 mm of various adaptors and spaces and I guess I get the remaining 15mm from the camera housing itself - as shown in the attached image. The threads on several of the adaptors(see notes) are ba
  2. Thanks Freddie. I started there and then added the topic post here where its possibly more effective.
  3. Hi David I appreciate hearing your story. Being in the US, I don’t have an easy dealer option. If I go ahead with the purchase, I’d take your advice and go through a dealer although one in the greater London area might be a good idea if I’m going to fly over to inspect the scope before accepting delivery. They only list international dealers on their website, including one in London. Are there additional local dealers I should consider working with? Thank you! regards, Gary
  4. Hi Mr Niall - thank you for sharing your experience...sorry to hear of your problems. I’m struggling here in US to find a quality scope so, after discovering the OO scopes and finding they are made in the UK, I was encouraged. OO sales have responded nearly instantly to 2 emails already and we are about to schedule a call to address my questions. I’d say a far better response than I’ve had anywhere except at iOptron where their tech support is outstanding. regards Gary
  5. Hi All I’m considering purchasing an 8”aperture, f3.8 newtonian ( primarily for EAA) from Orion UK and would appreciate any input or feedback from anyone familiar with the product, the company or the purchasing process - and how to assess the compatibility with my current cameras. This is would be a step up from my current equipment and entails selecting components that I’ve never used and know little about such as a rack and pinion focuser and components (ACU-3L), and coma corrector (Wynne Corrector). I’ve added links to these items below. I’m also feeling unsure of how
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