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  1. Hi, I'm after some advice here. I often go into WHSMITHS and purchase Astronomy Magazines every now and then. At this stage i have no real loyalty to any particular magazine. Is there one which is regarded as the best for amateur astronomers? I'm looking to start a subscription. Thanks L
  2. That's more like it! Thanks, will give this a go over summer months.
  3. Maybe its best to keep this scope as it is then. The only other question I have is, can I attach some form of tracking device to the scope? Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi, Does anyone have any experience converting a Skyliner 200p dobsonian (Non Go To) into a Go To telescope? Can this be done? Any help is appreciated. L
  5. Really enjoyed this, I'm just starting to get into time lapse photography myself!
  6. That ghost is me, shifting through dimensions is kind of my thing these days
  7. Hi all, I walked into the spare room and wasn't too happy with the amount of dust on my Skyliner 200p DOB and decided it was time to take her out. I live about 23 miles away from Kelling Heath (Norwich City) and decided to drive out to Kelling in search of Dark skies. Rather than go to the camp site where the star parties take place, I went to the actual heathland in kelling also known as Kelling Heath. A friend of mine is into taking pictures of the night sky so he came along with his DSLR. The Plan was to view Saturn and to take a look at the moon too, however we got there a little later tha
  8. Lowen22

    Lunar Eclipse

    What time is it starting in the UK??
  9. Hi Jimmy, Did you go to the open night on the 4th/5th? I went to the one on the Saturday. I really enjoy it!
  10. Thanks for the info Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  11. Sorry for the spelling mistakes above, I blame the touch screen.
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