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  1. The site is book marked. My camping trips this year are near St. Asaph, in North Wales, Ravenstonedale in the Yorkshire Dales and near Craven Arms, Shropshire. I may try this one if I get a free weekend. Thanks.
  2. Are you sure that's not a borrowed Hubble image?! Brilliant.
  3. A similar experience here. Observing Jupiter through a 130mm reflector and a £14 6.5mm plossl changed my life!
  4. Great smartphone pics. The Telementor's are very business like. I imagine the East German advertising would be roughly translated to, "A tube with lenses inside, 'nuff said."
  5. I've used a variety of scopes on the AZ5 and stainless steel tripod. A six inch telescope should be fine. My 150mm newtonian worked well and was comfortable to use, so I imagine the SCT being shorter should be OK. The clutches do need to be loosened to slew about but are easy to reach and the mount is well suited to a shorter tube.
  6. Sorry I misread the post and gave a wrong answer. Please refer to John's perfect description above.
  7. It's too expensive if I can't afford it. Also if you're not sure what focal lengths suit the telescope or the objects you want to observe, what type of eyepieces, fields of view, eye relief etc suit, then along with plenty of research, best to experiment with cheaper items first imho. A very expensive eyepiece won't improve your sky quality or observing skill.
  8. SGL is usually a good place to buy. It's rare to see price gouging or rubbish gear here. Just lately there's been some great stuff available for sale at reasonable prices. I've bought several equipment items used without issue. The six telescopes I've owned have all been purchased new. However two were customer returns without accessories (I didn't need) and in perfect condition. One I still own. There's bargains to be had if you keep a look out. Besides the astro dedicated forums, don't be too weary of *bay. Just ask the seller plenty of questions, don't be drawn into a bidding fren
  9. It's a wrap around with velcro down the middle. One end has a rubber flange that helps the shroud grip the telescope.
  10. The 1.25" TS Optics single speed focuser I fitted to a Star Discovery 150i felt very well built and worked well. There is a dual speed 2" Crayford available for a competitive price. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p780_TS-Optics-2--Dual-Speed-Crayford-Focuser-for-Newtonian-Telescopes.html There's several others also on the site. It may be worth a look.
  11. Brilliant. I was standing by last night with a newly acquired used 80-200mm dslr lens. Unfortunately clouds arrived in the west around 10pm.
  12. This thread has it all; dreadful gloom, excitement, joy and disappointment... I'm exhausted reading it through. To those who missed it, I feel your pain. That was a close call for a few of us it seems. For those who caught the event and even managed some special images. Congrats. I can imagine Patrick Moore's excited commentary now, "Here it is", "No it isn't", "Ah yes, yes it's... no.", "Finally, a wonderfully silhouetted lunar li... no it's gone again.", "Well viewers that's British astronomy for you.", "Great fun isn't it!".
  13. Mark you made my dodgy smart phone pics feel a little more valuable. After looking properly, the cratered lunar limb is quite well silhouetted against the solar disc!
  14. Great pics Stu and everyone else. Wookie I like yours. Very atmospheric! Strangely I heard several dogs barking together... Coincidence?
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