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  1. Looks good. Nice to also see a whole 380 square miles of England just awarded Dark Sky Reserve status: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-50115421
  2. +1 for this. A massive resource for free. I found it very useful. Also: Patrick Moore's Astronomy: A Complete Introduction by Sir Patrick Moore/Percy Seymour and Easy Things to See with a Small Telescope by Richard J. Bartlett were good easily digestable reads.
  3. I've used the Moon & Saturn/Jupiter for finder alignment. You just have to compensate for the drift. Also a street lamp or TV aerial around 50 metres distant has done the job.
  4. At 0830 on Friday morning, a Sky-Watcher 3/8s steel tripod leg shed a foot and an unknown metal fitting from the inside. I immediately emailed FLO for advice. Mid morning I received an email from Martin informing me Sky-Watcher UK will send me a complete replacement tripod leg if I'm happy with that arrangement. Obviously I agreed and the very well packaged leg arrived via FedEx today (Monday). Thanks Martin at FLO for the excellent service.
  5. I feel for you Glob. I posted elswhere this week my similar woes. There are some ingenius solutions here (as usual) but have you tried the council? My local council has an easy to use street light reporting system. It's quite possible they may shield or reposition the lamp if it's creating light trespass. I'm just awaiting a reply and hoping for the best before a catapult is required!
  6. A magnificent read Mr Stars, including the minor misshaps! Your enthusiasm really jumps out of the page. It must be great having a local dark spot like that. I'd probably need to start wearing a monocle and disappear into the wilderness!
  7. Yes, tbh it's not the clearest. You have to scroll down a bit from there, then explore a bit...
  8. If I could legally carry the old 9mm Browning Hi-Power I was occasionally issued with, I'd have no qualms...
  9. John those clutch knobs look much better! Any advice on where I could source a pair? Ta.
  10. Well, life got in the way, but I managed to get out just after 23:00, so out came the ST120 for a quick session. I was horrified by how much light my old trees had shielded me from. The garden was bathed in light from a single LED street lamp approx. 30m away! My astronomy is ruined in the short term. Just ridiculous. I've already written to the council...
  11. It's difficult feeling 100% secure, especially in a suburban/urban environment. However, the sane criminals don't want to get caught, so you're probably safe in your garden. A degree of paranoia is healthy, but don't let it put you off. Balance and perpective are the keys. Saying that I wouldn't dare observe alone in a local park. Not far from there are estates chocca with drug fuelled, knife carrying teen nutjobs. I can look after myself, but taking on a gang just ain't gonna go down well for anyone!
  12. Welcome to a universe of grey fuzzies that your wonderful human imagination converts to amazing deep sky objects! M11 at 20:15 is quite low in the sky. If you're viewing around that time in the next few days, try something near zenith where the sky is darker. M39 and M29 open clusters in Cygnus should be good targets for you at that time.
  13. Just popped out the Startravel to try the semi-apo filter on Saturn. Lovely clear dusk skies and the filter worked very well. Less of a halo and blurring. Things are looking good for later, the Dob is gonna be out! And I can now see west. My two 40ft Leylandii were chopped down today woo!
  14. Dont forget to install Sky Safari on your phone. It's free and easy to use.
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