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  1. Viv

    DIY Spring Peak star party.

    Ohhh Looks so much like my Lhasa - Tango
  2. Viv

    DIY Spring Peak star party.

    JemC is that a Lhasa ?? looking forward to it
  3. Viv

    Altair SkyShed Pier

    Thanks - good to know Yes, will be. Neither hubby or me, have skill, to make one. So just waiting for a quote, to do the garden bit......
  4. It can be a bit still, by that rear dome does unscrew........
  5. Viv

    Altair SkyShed Pier

    Thank you for the posting & pics. Hubby will be treating to me to a pier & it's installation, for a upcoming (& rather big Birthday number ). looking forward to it even more, now I've seen this thread
  6. Viv

    Returning after a 4 year gap!

    Hi Steve, I bought a DSO ZWO a few weeks ago, still yet to use it properly though How lovely, quite a special memory that Typhoon is my baby & especially the display. Should have his first over base tomorrow, so a brand new routine & a little excited here. An awful lot to live up to follow 2016 pilot (Mark Long - not putting flying name.....) but if you know of him, or saw the display, then you'll know how very good he was.
  7. Viv

    Returning after a 4 year gap!

    Hello & welcome back Steve. I did the same recently & came back after a break. It's amazing how much you'll remember, once you start. Biggest change I saw, was the introduction of Polar master.......... Clear sky's
  8. Do you have pics yet Stu ? thanks
  9. Viv

    Polar Alignment

    Alignment has been one of my biggest flaws. Bought it a few weeks ago & love it ! its a bit of a pain, for jumping around, when the atmosphere is a bit unstable. But a minor quibble for an awesome product
  10. Viv

    DIY Spring Peak star party.

    I'll be (hopefully) imaging.........
  11. Viv

    DIY Spring Peak star party.

    I've just been talking to the hubby about doing a star party weekend & saw this. I've booked, for hard standing with my van
  12. Hello hope you are well thank you, I'll have a search & try that. got a single 20 min sub tonight too, so will do that & compare cheers much x
  13. Hi all, had my first try at Andromeda this week. its not a great image, ISO was far too high at 1000, so I could do shorter subs (trying to image without guiding). Anyhow managed 94 subs,in total. When processing in Pixinsight, I'm getting grid lines on the image, following DBE process. is it happening, because the image is so noisy ? Or am I doing something very silly ? thank you ps - image below, only an iPad screen shot of it so far........
  14. Viv

    M42 Orion Nebula

    Oh that really makes a difference - thank you. Just need to try & recreate now........
  15. Viv

    M42 Orion Nebula

    Thanks Olly. I seemed to loose the outer gas detail, when lowering the blues, but need to get lots more time with the processing & hopefully will get better........

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