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  1. thanks looks like you have helped me decide. Anyway, if I get the ASI I can also afford a beautiful canon dslr in fact... I will most likely get the canon first. But the ASI certainly looks great. As soon as I get one I will do a very thorough testing and review to help people like me decide. I don't know what sharpcap version I have but last time I tried it, I didn't have any problems with using it. Perhaps you should make a post about what you are stuck with? I'm sure everyone would help
  2. steve is correct, the ability to focus and set up all the shots and exposure lengths on the computer is hugely useful! A canon 1100d would be an excellent budget dslr with decent quality images and excellent computer compatibility. That said, I recommend all current canon dslrs (Nikon are FANTASTIC for conventional photography but slightly more limited for astro work)
  3. Oh really? That makes it more tempting... But is the Asi as good as a DMK... That's what I want to know I want the best quality I can get and afford!!!
  4. I was juuuuust looking at the Asi 120mm ... Damn decisions... The Asi appears to be cheaper but probably not by the time you import it... I still think Im Liking the look of the DMK...
  5. People are raving about the flea3 at the moment but I'm interested in the DMK. are they comparable? They seem to have the same sensor but the flea3 has a higher frame rate? (i don't have a usb3 so no flea3 for me...) thanks guys will
  6. you definitely sure? im not making up a time zone! england is in BST during the summer! which is +1, hence my confusion.
  7. okay so do i put the time zone as +01.00 as it is BST and set it to DLT >YES< as it is summer.... or do i put it in as +0.00 and DLT as >YES< ??? i find this confusing as if u say its BST and DLT is it effectively +2 hours? someone help please stupid england with 2 time zones!! thanks, Will
  8. Errrr I'm rather hoping the worm/wheel teeth are fine :s dunno how I would check... But er it seems to be fine Have you done the same thing Jim?
  9. After getting my new neq6 I thought it would be great fun to put the scope on and test the slewing..... But when the scope was horizontal it came crashing down onto the tripod! Argh! ! MAKE SURE YOU BALANCE AND PUT ON THE COUNTERWEIGHTS BEFORE MESSING AROUND WITH YOUR TELESCOPE ON THE MOUNT! This is the only reason I can think of that caused this to happen and my scope is now full of dents ! So be careful peeps
  10. Thank you for your reply. Now I'm wondering if I should go the whole way and get an esprit 120 which is genuinely superb going by reviews and results. I spoke in depth to a supplier who said avoid the 100 esprit due to the ease it loses collimation... Which can only be fixed back at the factory.... So that rules that out..... That leaves the 120 esprit vs the William optics flt 110. That bring said.... I have yet to see an amazing image taken through the 110 but I have seen the best Astro images I have EVER seen through the esprit... Excluding equally superbTakahashi results (and no I don't want a Takahashi )
  11. I can't help but feel the esprit 100 has a bad press for potentially no reason.one person here sent his back for a collimation issue that could have been sorted. And the only other reviewer said it was amazing all the way up to combining a mere 2 hours from the equinox with data from another scope... With a weak conclusion saying the equinox wasn't as sharp.... When to my eyes... His two hour stack was superb with some of the best colour I have ever seen. So how about it? Any good experiences with the esprit? And any devotees of William optics?
  12. That's just it... the 190 results speak for themselves... They are stunning. And yer Steve is a huge inspiration, having produced some of my all time favourite images. I guess I was worried that the 190 would be too similar to what I already have... But no I think it's an altogether different kind of beast. And Gina... Iv done some maths and the neq6 would just... Just.... Get away with that! Anything more really would push it too far. I feel the 190 plus my st80 with a dslr is as much as id want to put on the neq6
  13. Wow it seems like an awful lot of people have a 120ed... But yer tough call indeed (naemeth - the mak doesn't need a coma corrector thanks to the corrector lens it already has)
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