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  1. IMG_2176.CR2 hey vlaiv, here is the original RAW file at 6000x4000 33.2 MB I don't know if it will display (being a raw file)
  2. blimey it's not a very good image is it. i can hardly see the nebula at all :') :')
  3. I think you have great detail and the exposure is really nice. I think the colours are slightly off for my personal preferences though? It looks very blue-white. My attempt looked a lot more red
  4. That seems like so much hard work! 131 stacks?! wow. well done for the patience. Here is a photo I took with just my lens (85mm at f1.4, 3 second exposure)
  5. Yeah I have been transfixed by Orion for as long as I can remember. I know I have a long way to go to get a really detailed image but i will still blown away by a simple 11 second exposure.
  6. Yes I will post the original picture tomorrow if I can (I am not home tonight so don't have my camera). I took the original image in RAW. Canon has an app that allows you to wirelessly transfer an image to your phone and when you do that it automatically converts the image to a JPEG. Can I upload the RAW file or will I need to convert it? But either way, it looks very close, if not identical to the above image. But thanks for the feedback
  7. Now here’s the thing: I also have literally no free time either (I am a teacher and the workload never seems to end). I felt lucky I had half an hour to get out there tonight. But I have decided this hobby is totally a marathon and not a sprint. Changing my perspectives a bit is making me enjoy everything so much more. I used to get so angry with clouds and the weather. Now I’m very laid back about it all
  8. The 200p is an amazing amazing scope. I still love mine 9 years later. The motor drives are worth every penny. If you are feeling brave, you can mod the hand controller and add a guiding port. I didn’t end up using that set up for very long but you could undoubtedly get stunning results. Here is a FIVE minute exposure taken on your set up but with a hand controller mod and guide camera. It also wasn’t polar aligned properly and I hadn’t attached the guidescope very securely (hence the slight star trailing), but those issues could easily be fixed.
  9. Oh haha I did think so. I thought it would take me years to get a photo like this..... not 11 seconds on my first attempt complexity does have its benefits though: - noise reduction - extra detail - can create a HDR style image that allows me to have less exposure on the trapezium stars in the centre
  10. Okay point taken. That’s it from me. My astrophotography days are officially over. I know that at some point I’m going to be pursuing the impossible (perfection), but I want to push my current set up as far as it can go to see what it can truly do.
  11. This is what is so strange. It’s a tiny 80mm scope... on an unmodded camera..... with no auto guided.... dont get me wrong.... overall I would have to say that I got a better visual view with my 200p as it is enormous.... but this image has just blown me away. I am exceedingly happy with my HEQ5 though... so I don’t think I would need to upgrade it. In fact, Based on this result, I am happy with my whole set up
  12. I’m trying to work out if you are being serious subtlety is not my forte. Why would it go pear shaped? I thought stacking was meant to improve results
  13. Just to add a bit of extra detail to my over excited post: this was also taken on an Unmodified DSLR (canon 80D)
  14. Okay so first proper light with my new scope. I pointed my evostar 80ED at Orion (as you do ). I only had about 30 minutes spare. And just as I was about to go in I decided to sneak the camera onto the scope for the first time to see how Orion came out. This was the result of a SINGLE 11 second exposure with NO editing whatsoever. How on Earth does it look this good?! this is straight off the camera. I’m blown away. Is this just luck? Or is that what I should expect?
  15. i think I am going to get a pair of hawke frontier hd x 10x42 they do two versions, the more expensive ones (just under £400) that have ED glass that removes most of the chromatic aberration, or the cheaper ones (just under £300) that many reviewers say are extremely close to the ED version and have very little CA anyway. So to save £100 I think I will get those. I have found a store nearby that says they stock Hawke binoculars so I will head there next weekend and see if they have the ones I want to try. I just totally was astounded and blown away by the RSPB binos so I want someth
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