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  1. This is a reluctant sale as I've owned this mount and sky sensor 2000pc from new for many years and am a bit attached to it. Selling as I want to get a heavier duty mount. Works like a dream. In great condition considering its age - the only tatty part is the counter weight rod which has lost its chrome plating in places, only cosmetic though. I've always been very careful with the cable and it's connector block into the handset. I provide some strain relief with some gaffer tape. This is a class act, great tracking, great functionality with the handset, solid tripod. Included is the tripod, the mount and its motors along with the handset itself. Also included is the serial cable which will allow you to hook it up for computer control. (I use a mac running sky safari pro 6) - you'll need a usb to db9 cable though. The mount has an integrated polar aligning scope and the illuminator is included and works fine. I've replaced the internal battery in the handset, so will be good for years....All the bits you would need to revert the mount back to manual control are included also, even got the original ss2k box! I will include a car cigarette lighter style power cable with the polarity reverser that the sky sensor requires also. PLEASE NOTE: the C8 OTA is not included in this sale. I have uploaded a couple of short movie clips to youtube showing the mount slewing around by using the handset in one and sky safari in the other. https://youtu.be/MmbVzU539LU https://youtu.be/JykJ29t5_H4 Looking for £400 plus whatever it costs for delivery. regards Andrew
  2. thanks Dave. turns out I had a dodgy USB cable which is now in the bin! lol 40D working fine with USB and a shutter release cable.
  3. Hi Dave, Yes I have not been involving Sky Safari, that was more to prove to me that the cable is good for computer to mount comms. I have a vixen skysensor 2000pc on a great polaris mount. am going to try with camera connected, however even though the asiair is recognising my canon 40D, but it doesn't seem able to control it! regards Andrew
  4. hi there, Thanks for the reply. Those aren't terms I'm 100% familiar with in this context. With this mount: you put the scope in horizontal, power it up and press enter, then it's tracking. I don't think it has a park function. I'm thinking maybe the asiair won't let me do any goto stuff until I have attached a camera to it and it can see where it is for itself, even though it should be able to get that position info from the mount (like sky safari does for example)? Due to the weather this is an indoor shakedown....
  5. Hi, Just got an asiair pro and am setting things up. Have updated to the latest firmware. The aap and my ss2k seem to connect OK. However when I issue a goto command to the ss2k, nothing actually happens at the mount. However the 4 directional arrows on the aap ui work fine and do indeed make the mount move. Any clues please? regards Andrew
  6. if you could let me know one or another that would be fab, thanks!
  7. agreed the battery replacement is relatively simple. I followed this guide: https://www.atm-workshop.com/skysensor-battery.html had to file down the board slightly to let the new battery fit properly...
  8. hi there, is this still available? regards Andrew
  9. thanks they look like handy people to know. actually found what I was looking for on eBay...... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Shoestring-Technology-Guide-Port-Convertor-for-Vixen-SkySensor-2000/303339266834?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  10. can it be that easy!? I was under the impression it was a very non-standard cable. Also preferable would be 9 pin serial at one end....
  11. hi there, would you consider selling the corrector/reducer separately? regards Andrew
  12. Hi there, I'm looking for a ST4 cable for my SS2K. Anyone got one to sell? regards Andrew
  13. hi there, Is that using the ZWO ASI 183 MC PRO mentioned in your kit-list?
  14. hi there, I also have a ss2k-pc. the cable is just about hanging in there! My plan is to build a new one at some stage, have you thought of doing that? I know 100% that all the parts are available, it just a matter of making it up, not too tricky.
  15. hi I had some erratic behaviour with my ss2k, it turned out to be intermittent poor connection between the pin inside the 20-way connector block and the ss2k unit. I gently pressed in the metal bits you can see in the connector block to improve the "grip" on the pins. I also fudged up some gorilla tape to hold the block firmly in place in the unit. Since then, no more randomness. regards Andrew
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