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  1. Hi there, I'm looking for a single "foot" from the bottom of one of the legs on my NEQ6 tripod. As circled in the picture, thanks in advance Andrew
  2. Hi there, Yes dithering between every frame, although I had APT set to dither "1" and this might not be enough. Going to try 5 next time. You seem to have removed the bands very nicely there, will have a go myself. Took 20 darks frames and reprocessed, it's an improvement, so it's darks all the way for my 40D! thanks again for the advice. regards Andrew
  3. thanks for your kind words! Have to confess didn't take dark frames last night. I've only just got auto guiding working reasonably well so was enjoying the move from 60s subs to 300s! Didn't want to spend time taking 10x 300s darks, maybe wrong decision........ It's just occurred to me that I can do that tonight (cloudy here, but nearly same temp as last night) with the scope sat on the workbench in the garage...I will do that now, reprocess and see what happens, voyage of discovery... Thanks for the tip re: Siril, will check it out.
  4. hi there, Nice image! I'm very new to AP but enjoying the learning curve. Spent some time on this object over the last week or so. Here's what I got from last night, which I'm chuffed with but aware there's loads more to look into. (My efforts with APP are baby steps at the moment!) C8 f6.3, 42x 300 second subs (3.5 hours total), Astro modified Canon 40D, ISO800, L-Enhance clip-in filter. Got the horizontal bands that I see other people getting with the Canon DSLRs. Anything that can be done about that? Where do they come from as I don't see them in the individual frames. Can'
  5. I've had my GP-C8 with Sky Sensor 2000PC since about 2005 but only recently tried astrophotography. This is M63 Sunflower with a 0.63 reducer. It's just under 3 hours of 90 second subs unguided. Camera is a modified Canon 40D. Still loads to learn but really enjoying it. During this night's capture there was something on the sensor that moved around (weird) at the bottom left hand and the flats of course struggled with that. Onwards and upwards! Loving the learning curve.
  6. we use MJD at work - the integer part of the MJD is a much smaller number than the JD and the "day" starts at midnight. The JD "day" starts at noon. The JD is probably more useful to an astronomer because the integer number does not roll-over at midnight, in the middle of a viewing session. So it depends what you're doing really. Maybe something to do with being at sea in the old days - the only time you could determine exactly was midday when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. Just a few guesses really!!!!
  7. I used a file to lengthen the slot when I replaced the battery in mine. All good.
  8. The "new kit cloud gods" work in reverse it would seem. I bought some geoptik grease to re-grease my mount. So straight after it arrives and I was ready to take my mount out of service for a few days and not be fussed whether it's cloudy, I get 2 cloud free nights in a row, with 2 more expected! So everybody, buy some grease!
  9. Hi there, Would love to get hold of one of these, if you're thinking of selling, let me know, I'd be very interested. regards Andrew
  10. loosening the middle grub screw will allow you tighten up the meshing between the 2 worms using the outer 2 bolts. the middle one "works against" the 2 outer ones...
  11. would be interested to see the images, thanks AR
  12. This is a reluctant sale as I've owned this mount and sky sensor 2000pc from new for many years and am a bit attached to it. Selling as I want to get a heavier duty mount. Works like a dream. In great condition considering its age - the only tatty part is the counter weight rod which has lost its chrome plating in places, only cosmetic though. I've always been very careful with the cable and it's connector block into the handset. I provide some strain relief with some gaffer tape. This is a class act, great tracking, great functionality with the handset, solid tripod. Included
  13. thanks Dave. turns out I had a dodgy USB cable which is now in the bin! lol 40D working fine with USB and a shutter release cable.
  14. Hi Dave, Yes I have not been involving Sky Safari, that was more to prove to me that the cable is good for computer to mount comms. I have a vixen skysensor 2000pc on a great polaris mount. am going to try with camera connected, however even though the asiair is recognising my canon 40D, but it doesn't seem able to control it! regards Andrew
  15. hi there, Thanks for the reply. Those aren't terms I'm 100% familiar with in this context. With this mount: you put the scope in horizontal, power it up and press enter, then it's tracking. I don't think it has a park function. I'm thinking maybe the asiair won't let me do any goto stuff until I have attached a camera to it and it can see where it is for itself, even though it should be able to get that position info from the mount (like sky safari does for example)? Due to the weather this is an indoor shakedown....
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