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Hello everyone,

Another newbie here. At an age past 40, I guess this is one of the "chasing a boyhood dream" stories. :) I always wanted to have a telescope and just recently, I started giving the notion some serious thought.

I don't actually own a telescope yet but I have almost decided to get a Nexstar 8SE. I'm going to use it for viewing at first but I understand it can be converted to an equatorial mount so I should be able to get some decent photos from it.

I found this place by accident and I'm hoping to get some useful information and, in time, to be able to contribute as well.

My username is what I'm actually called and (as some of you may be able to tell) it's a Swedish name. This means that for me, English is an acquired skill. I'm not going to use bad grammar or awkward language on purpose but if I do, please let me know so I can learn. I consider myself fairly competent but I do make mistakes from time to time.

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Hi Staffan and welcome to the forum.

I would do plenty of research on the imaging front before buying any kit to understand what is involved to produce the type of images that you are after. You will save some money and time if you do.

Clear skies


P.S Your English is very good - you might sometimes hear some 'other' words that describe how we feel about cloudy skies. I apologise in advance! :):D:D:D

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Hi Staffan, welcome to SGL :)

Don't worry about writing in English. Your English is excellent, but for some people here, spelling, grammar and the correct use of contractions is a real challenge! You get used to it... :p

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