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  1. kirkfromearth


    Hi Staffan and welcome to SGL
  2. Hi Whiz speedy recovery to you .Keep an eye on the sky.
  3. Hello Canyouguesswhoitisyet ,Welcome can't wait to see what you choose and how you like it . Just me and my bins down here but lovin every minute
  4. Hi Ailsa welcome Lots of great advice around here. Still debating on my first scope my bins have unlocked a new world to me .really enjoy the views.
  5. Hi Boondock, Might have to talk trading some nice Florida weather for some Northern views.LOL Welcome
  6. Hello Cashman welcome.I was checking out Jupiter last eve with my binos pretty cool. still strugglin on what scope to buy. let me know how you like yours
  7. Thanks for sharing Morning Major.Really cool View. I remember as a young lad seeing the model of the shuttle at NASA with a sign under it that said "Someday" hard to believe they are retiring the fleet.Can't wait to see whats next.
  8. Hi Rich welcome . I've been lurking for a while myself. Love this site so much info,feel like a whole new world has been opened to me.Just wish I new which scope to buy.guess i'll just keep researching and lookin thru the old bins for now.
  9. Hello and welcome from somewhere just north of paradise.
  10. Hello again and thanks for the warm welcome.Great site guess I'll go check out some threads. "For I have seen the heavens and I have touched the stars"
  11. Hello everyone.Just a note to say I like this site very much. Lots of great info for a newbie like me. No telescope yet,but think i've narrowed it to an orion xt 8 or 10 or a skywatcher 8.Any suggestions would be of great help.looking to keep it under 500. I plan on upgrading the ep's one a month or so but would like at least one good one to start.Also any info about clubs in southwest fl I am pretty far from Tampa 120 miles south.Thanks again
  12. Thanks so much. I am a newbie to Astronomy and this is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks again
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