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  1. I'm glad someone is having some luck with clear skies. I've nearly forgotten what they look like!
  2. H.B.A.A.S - The Herne Bay Amateur Astronomical Society will be holding a Stargazing Live 2013 event at our dark site on all three of the nights 8th, 9th & 10th of January. Due to the weather being rather cloudy as of late, we will post on our website any night cancelled due to weather. For more information on the events and for directions to our dark site, please visit our website for more information. http://hbastro.org.uk We'll look forward to seeing any SGL members there!
  3. Took dog for walk. Sad eyes and lifting of paw so couldn't resist. Clear skies while walking, got back, checked out the back door - clouded over again. Getting withdrawl symptoms!!
  4. Hi John and welcome to SGL. We have something in common as we share the same name! Hope you find a solution to your problem.
  5. Hi and welcome to SGL!
  6. Smooth

    Hi all

    Hello and welcome!
  7. The problem is equilibrium. Without shielding from one of the polarities on each magnet, the device will stop fairly quickly. You could design a Faraday cage kind of idea to shield the magnetic field on the non used side of the magnets. I believe Delco Remy is a company that produces a variety of extra powerful, shaped (including fields) magnets for the industrial market. Problem is, it'll still just end up an expensive paperweight, as did mine 20 years ago. Don't even know where the bits are now!
  8. Fantastic image! Will be looking forward to seeing more of your images if they persist like that one!
  9. Well I first started off with my Nan's 60mm brass refractor. Very dirty optics, but showed loads of detail on the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. I couldn't afford a scope 20+ years ago, so opted for binoculars as a birthday present, and hads permanent use of the scope. A few years back, I had the funds to buy a scope. I had spent a few years looking at double stars and the brighter Messiers etc, but always wanted to observe more of the DSO's impossible to see with the old scope. I bought my 16" Lightbridge and it suits me fine for its purpose. As it's stoo heavy for myself to pick up and go on a whim, more recently I bought the Skymax Muskotov 127 GOTO for planetary and lunar imaging, not forgetting that it's a good all round little pick up and go scope that will give good enough views of many objects out there. I suppose it's all down to what you really want to use it for. Unfortunately, being such an addictive hobby, most of us (including myself) seem to want it all. Guess i'll have to wait for my lotto numbers to come up.....!
  10. Hi and welcome to SGL Vicky!
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