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  1. Knew i should of got the 150pl a few days ago
  2. Absolutely stunning that is a view and a half your a very lucky man
  3. Thanks steve keep the good work coming mate
  4. Now that is a place i'd give my right arm for, well not my right arm being that far away from anywhere and being a single man i think i would need it
  5. Hi steve what webcam are you using?
  6. I walked my dog last night down the canal and couldn't believe what i've been missing all these years up there it was fantastic, i shall toast to the old girl this weekend
  7. Thanks for for the link nexus 6 Thanks mike i'll jot that model down and have a look in the morning
  8. Thanks tac, do i need to get an adaptor for them or are they like a camera with the screw hole on the underside? sorry if this is a silly question i've never owned or used a pair before so i'm a bit clueless.
  9. Hi Guys, I'm going to get my self a pair of the lidls binoculars (if i can find a store that sells them that is) and was wondering if there's a special type of tripod i need?
  10. NGK

    Hello all

    Hi synapse welcome to SGL
  11. Mission to mars Imposter Robot jox The thing Xtro
  12. Nice pic think tonight's moon was the same, don't think i've ever seen the moon like that before.
  13. NGK


    Hi staffan welcome to SGL
  14. NGK

    Hello folks!

    Hi craig welcome to SGL
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