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  1. Welcome to SGL :-) you'll get plenty of info here
  2. steve359

    Hi there all

    Hi CJ and welcome to SGL
  3. steve359


    Hi Mark and welcome to SGL
  4. Hi Pete and welcome to SGL, you'll gat all the info you need and more form here :-)
  5. Hi Paul, wonder if you could help? I'm trying to find somewhere that does the kind of paper that you've drawn on. I don't know the name of it so can't get started. Can you help please. Steve
  6. steve359

    Afternoon all

    Welcome derdle, You'll find this a great and helpfull place for hints and tips. Hope you enjoy your stay but be careful when researching telescopes....how deep are your pockets lol
  7. welcome Tomo hope you enjoy this place, you'll learn a lot too :-)
  8. Welcome back Assasincz enjoy!!!! :-)
  9. Hi Daniel and welcome to the site...enjoy!
  10. I just spotted a Meteor heading South very bright and seemed low. East of Telford, Shropshire 22:15 Sunday anybody else see it??
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