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  1. I drive all night doing road checks for highways and experienced my first UFO sighting. Never seen anything like it before and it appeared to follow me for over 200 km's. Called a friend at the University observatory and I guess they managed to get it on film, been on the news. Thankfully I'm not insane, it was sure weird to say the least. Life just gets stranger. I tried to make it home before sunset and got on to it for about two minutes before the sunrise. Thankfully had the 12" dob out on the deck, hard to track but it was one of the experiences you never forget.
  2. Beautiful night last night and moon views where spectacular. Following the transition area was a beautiful sight. So wondering would the Orion set up work with the Meade? Thanks
  3. Lucky guy, we had a foot of snow last night and three of my grandsons are visiting. Really hoped to get them out with the telescopes but there is always tomorrow. Glad you had a good time.
  4. Not every night works out but when they do its great.
  5. I see everyone is doing mod's to cameras, where do you find this information?
  6. just gets more confusing. One questions where do you find mods for web cameras?
  7. You think your'e done learning then you get hooked on the stars and its back to square one but well worth it.
  8. Hi Colin and welcome to the forum.
  9. Thats really funny, we all had weird programs when growing up. I remember a guy who got super powers from a pill that was suppose to cure the common cold. Power always ran out at strange times.
  10. I got home early this am and had the 12" Dob sitting out already. Dawn was not far off but figured I'd throw around the scope and take a look see what I could find. We have a front pushing in from the arctic, temperature dropped 17 degrees in four hours, but being a good Northern boy had to try the new scope. Hit Saturn right of the bat had it focused in pretty nicely and was thinking of changing lens when the planet began to sparkle. It looked truly amazing, image looked like it was covered with diamonds and sparkling like a disco ball. The light sparse cloud cover must be loaded with ice crystals. Am i wrong about what I was seeing, regardless I'm sure I'll never forget that sight.
  11. Boondock Saint


    Hi and welcome to SGL
  12. Hi and welcome to SGL, have to agree love my Dob
  13. Boondock Saint


    Hi and welcome to SGL
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