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  1. It's sounding more and more interesting with each update. Lets hope Clestron can meet the demand Andy
  2. Thanks for the info on this Chris. As a CPC owner myself I've been very interested in this since it was announced. I also have to set-up close to a house wall, so the fact that the unit can cope with that scenario is encouraging. How has the testing process been - have there been many iterations of Firmware? Has the functionality changed much from when you first got the unit? Also, do you think there is a possibility for Celestron to add auto-guiding functionality at a later date, or does the camera size limit this possibility? Cheers Andy
  3. Another vote for Mobile Observatory, it's worth the entry fee. Linky
  4. Nice image - you even managed to catch one of the moons down in the left corner. Hope you like the 925
  5. Howdy, and welcome from a fellow North Walian.
  6. Got one, very happy with it. Good choice for size vs weight / portability in my opinion.
  7. Nice first attempt. Looks like light pollution in the bottom left to me too.
  8. I subscribe to Astronomy Now, and buy a copy of Sky @ Night when the mood takes me - that's the kind of rock 'n' roll lifestyle I lead!
  9. Same here. Drive home with clear skies and Jupiter as bright as a lighthouse all the way. Get home, put the scope outside to cool down, grab something to eat and 45mins later it's wall to wall clouds - arrgh! Oh well, back to the tea and biscuits...
  10. Thanks for the heads up, watched it on the old iPlayer. Its always good when you learn something new - quite a profound program.
  11. Indeed, just wondered if the installation guys had any other useful info in that respect.
  12. Good result, shame it had to take that long and tortuous route through. Are you able to divulge the "temporarily disable" methods?
  13. That's a very nice looking setup. Also looking like a clear sky too - bliss!
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