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  1. Welcome to SGL :-) you'll get plenty of info here
  2. steve359

    Hi there all

    Hi CJ and welcome to SGL
  3. steve359


    Hi Mark and welcome to SGL
  4. Hi Pete and welcome to SGL, you'll gat all the info you need and more form here :-)
  5. Hi Paul, wonder if you could help? I'm trying to find somewhere that does the kind of paper that you've drawn on. I don't know the name of it so can't get started. Can you help please. Steve
  6. steve359

    Afternoon all

    Welcome derdle, You'll find this a great and helpfull place for hints and tips. Hope you enjoy your stay but be careful when researching telescopes....how deep are your pockets lol
  7. welcome Tomo hope you enjoy this place, you'll learn a lot too :-)
  8. Welcome back Assasincz enjoy!!!! :-)
  9. Hi Daniel and welcome to the site...enjoy!
  10. I just spotted a Meteor heading South very bright and seemed low. East of Telford, Shropshire 22:15 Sunday anybody else see it??
  11. Welcome Craig to the forum and there is no such thing as a dumb question, I know, i've done it loads
  12. steve359


    Hi Staffan and welcome here you'll find it full of info. Enjoy
  13. Welcome to SGL and have a great time here.
  14. Welcome Alan and good luck with the clear skies.
  15. I have a programme called Stellarium and it's got icon for ground that you can clear. It's because Saturn is below the horizon at the moment.
  16. Thanks for opening my eyes to the world of imaging... Now i've been thinking if I could upgrade the scope I already have. Bresser Skylux NG, small focal length and I have a Nikon D5000. Any good? I think I may know the answer to this but I'll put it out there anyway...
  17. Thanks Marko, and good luck with your scope, hope you make the right choice as nobody else has replied i've been looking around again and found the SkyWatcher Skymax 150 Pro EQ5 and the Celestron C8 NGC they look as though they can do the job, observing and imaging, so i think it will be one of them... but which??? lol anybody out there got one of these? Steve
  18. Hi all, well needless to say I NEED help!!! right, to start i'm new and my wife got me a GCSE Distance Learning course on Astronomy, I think because she brought me a scope a year before and I'd hardly touched it. After much thourght, I decided to get the scope I thought was the best in my price range i.e. SkyWatcher Skyliner 300P FlexTube Dobsonian THEN I starting reading more in here and now am VERY confused...! You see the problem I have is I'm more attracted to Deep Sky Objects and Photography. I read on here that the Dob is not a great one for tracking, I should have guessed really thinking about it...I wasn't going to have a GOTO which would knock the scope out of my range, so I would have fallen at the last hurdle... Sorry, trying to get to the point:icon_confused: Would anyone out there be able to advice on what I should get. BTW don't think this is a fad. Since I got the course work you wouldn't believe how much I've not only learned but enjoyed learning. Oh and when i say my price range I mean i'll save in about 6 months:) Sorry it took me so long to get to the point didn't mean to write a book. Thnks in advance:D
  19. Thank you all for the warm welcome and Happy Christmas :-)
  20. Thank you RayGil I couldn't find anything like this on the net....supid i guess :-S thanks again for the links.
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