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  1. Hi Andy I managed to bodge it but I will do it properly eventually Cheers Phil P.S. I like your 'carry on' reference
  2. Hi JKB I guess it is the dovetail bar as the cross-section is shaped like one. It's black and about 8 inches long, the tube rings are also black but it's effectively holding the tube onto the mount. Thanks for your help Phil
  3. Hi Everyone When my (used) SW 150PL arrived I was very excited, I spent a couple of hours putting it together but I have found that the two screws which go through the mounting plate that is fixed to the mount are missing. They screw directly into the tube bands, I think they are 6mm but I don't know the length or thread type, my question is does anyone know the spec of the screws please? Cheers Phil P.S. It's the EQ3-2 mount
  4. I have good news and bad news. Good news: the scope is here Bad news: there are two screws missing from the tube rings Hey ho, it wasn't very clear anyway.........
  5. Sorry about the clouds everyone!!!
  6. At last I have a scope, my Sky-Watcher Explorer 150PL (EQ3-2) arrived today an I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Anyone know what the the underside of cloud looks like in the dark? Partial could in my area tonight, hope it's slow moving! cheers Phil
  7. hi Steve and welcome to SGL. I'm mostly working in Slough and I live near Tadley so we should have similar weather. I hope you have clear skies for your new scope Phil
  8. That's a very nice shot, how long was the exposure? best Phil
  9. No need, we dont bite!! Everyone is really friendly and helpful. Oh, and welcome to SGL
  10. The problem is that when you can produce something you can become too critical. It look stunning to me Cheers Phil
  11. Hi sm1983uk, welcome to SGL I will be watching this post as I too am looking for my first scope Phil
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