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Orion by the river.

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First clear night in ages,unfortunately rather windy.too windy for any long exposures on the merlin mount so decided to have a mess around with high ISO settings as the conditions didnt favour any serious attemps at something decent.This is a 30second exposure ISO 4000


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I always like your images and know I'm in for a treat when I click on any of your threads. This is another beauty.

Cheers, Martin

Thanks Martin,its not exactly what i was after.I did try longer exposures with my 70-300 lens on the little merlin mount but the

wind proved the winner,just couldnt keep things from vibrating.Just as well as Physcobilly and TJ have posted terrific and better examples of what i was hoping to get,Olly posted a cracker too.

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Very nice stewart... is this just a single shot? And how have you got the foreground so vibrant? Are you using your torch again?

Yes its a single shot.The foreground light is caused by street lighting several hundred yards away.This shot was taken on the outskirts of the town so its good old sodium to the rescue.

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Ah... Thats a lovely photo,was there much photoshopping needed?

I usually boost the vibrancy,highlight areas i want to lighten with the dodge tool.I generally just mess around with the dodge,burn and sponge tools till i see something happening that i like.

A lot of trail and error really.

A final tweak with curves and contrast till i hopefully get something to "pop" into view.

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Wonderful image. What FL?

26mm according to the exif,normally shoot around the 17-20 mark but there must have been a lot of "nothing " to the left hand side and i just zoomed in a little... i think.:)

Thanks for all your comments.

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