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  1. Windows 10 should be able to display the raw image (it can for my 60d Raws), but you could use the canon software, that will do it, and you should be able to see them all as thumbnails
  2. That's exactly it almcl... The groups allow for stacking sets from different nights with appropriate calibration frames for each night. However, the first group (main) is used for all other groups, so if you have something in there that is for one specific night, you should remove it and put those into their own group. if you have something like a master bias frame (for example) that doesn't change, you could put that in the main group, then it will be applied to all other groups. If not, add one image file to main, to open group 1, then remove it from main.
  3. Robin, you can push to about 2 minutes, when the target is low in the east or west, but the higher it is, and the further North/South, the shorter the subs get to avoid the rotation. I don't recall the numbers now, but I bounced on this quite hard in my early days using a Nexstar SLT mount.
  4. Very well done Michael, Congratulations and well deserved.
  5. If I may, I'd like to thoroughly recommend this book. I don't read biographies normally... just not my thing. This one is, IMHO, well thought out, well written and very engaging. My eldest brought it for my birthday earlier in the year, and I really enjoyed it. I don't want to say too much as it may spoil things, but it's about the year Scott Kelly was aboard the ISS and his journey to get there.
  6. Nasa has found a number of planets in the TOI-270 system that, based on the reporting I read, seem very interesting, and quite close. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/nasa-planet-new-tess-satellite-star-solar-system-astronomy-discovery-a9025621.html
  7. If anyone fancies a new ringtone or notification tone.. NASA has made a number of 'soundbites' available in MP3 and MP4r formats https://www.nasa.gov/connect/sounds/index.html
  8. Picked mine up yesterday. Didn't see the Saturn 5 and the rod poyle book... May have to place another order. Thanks again Paul
  9. Alan, Yep, done it myself. Use the batches in the same way as exposure lengths.
  10. You get used to it Paul . Mine is available for pickup now, but will have to await the weekend.
  11. Steve, you will need to stack the AVI's into a single image before using iMerge or MS ICE to complete the picture. I used to use registax, but changed to AVIStacks as it was so much faster and easier to use.
  12. I've used various services, and most of the time they are pretty good. If you can though, it's worthwhile getting the printer preview proof settings for your editing application, and then you can 'view' the image on screen as it's expected to print. I found a couple showed as being much darker than expected.
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