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  1. Thank you for your kind words. Just so pleased to have even one observation in July so far. After a good week in May, there was one imaging day in June then nothing for a month until one day so far in July... It has GOT to get better!
  2. This summer is proving to be almost a wash-out. Highs on average are hovering around 13C here and the sun has been quite elusive. Last week a very unexpected hour clearing appeared when luckily I was home to get the scopes out. It was quick work to get some images before the clouds rapidly closed in again for the week. These were the best of the series which came out surprisingly okay. Hope you are having a better summer where you are... Enjoy! Sheri
  3. That is fantastic! The BEST illustration of what conditions to watch for with the clarity of the sky to have a chance to see the FLASH!! I am still on the lookout! Thank you.
  4. Hi Ash, It is the misalignment of the two etelons thereby making one portion slightly sharper or 'brighter' best that I can tell. Sometimes I seem to get the alignment pretty even and others it is more apparent. Cheers, Sheri
  5. The rains recently are certainly allowing plenty of time to catch up with the solar backlog..... optimistic? Here are a few more of AR1486 and 1484 which were very impressive during late May. Hoping to add a time lapse in H-alpha from this date soon. Thank you for looking. Sheri
  6. Cheers Alexandra! Think I needed the nudge to try the mosaic. White light seems easy enough.... not sure about the other wavelengths. Your mosaics are inspiring!
  7. The learning curve is steep and you are well on your way. Well done!
  8. The Baader CaK 1.25" is quite good although not quite as tight of passband as the PST CaK. It certainly gives you the CaK activity used with a 'normal' scope so inexpensive and worth it to see if you want to invest more. For example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sherikarl/sets/72157630224160418/ The full disk was taken with the PST CaK and the portion of the disk was taken with the Baader CaK 1.25" filter and Baader ND 5.0 filter film on a 110mm refractor. Hopefully this illustrates a bit about the difference in detail resolution you can get. I've not had a chance to try the Lunt CaK diagonal although the images I've seen on SGL look very good. Cheers, Sheri
  9. Lovely images. Nicely sharpened detail and colouring. Well done!
  10. Excellent images! The monochrome full disk is especially 3D looking!
  11. Stunning clarity of detail on those! Well done!
  12. Went from mist to monsoon that day... Shame...
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