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  1. Looking very nice for a first attempt
  2. A standard photographers tripod will work just fine for widefield and landscapes. Exposures will be 30secs to 1 min iso 800 ish, obviously depending on the type of shot, and the conditions etc... Minimal startrail at 30 seconds, for most wide lenses. just make sure you get a sturdy one and easy to use in the dark
  3. Where has the nice weather gone?

  4. What a lovely day! Im stuck in my broom cupboard of an office, looking through my pigeon hole window.... Hmmmm

    1. Mr TamiyaCowboy

      Mr TamiyaCowboy

      PST would make for a nice model to stand in said window, maybe add a lock to door stop one being disturbed while admiring said PST at window lol

  5. I used to own a pair of 15x70 Celestron bins.... They were a nice bit of kit, although they were heavy, and you knew that you were using them. It was pretty easy to hold them steady, but your arms will get tired quicker than a smaller pair. I preferred using the 15x70 compared to the 10x50. It may be worth have a look through the bino discussion section, you may find something. Helpful in there. http://stargazerslounge.com/forum/133-discussions-binoculars/ Keiran
  6. The XX or London Grammer are personal favorites of mine
  7. Very nice image Mike, nicely processed
  8. Hi all, I thought i o=would post a couple of widefield shots i took i the Maldives Milkyway Maldives by Keiran Bernstein, on Flickr Milkyway Maldives by Keiran Bernstein, on Flickr The sky was very impressive Thanks for looking
  9. Probably the last sunny day for atleast the next 10 years .... According to scientists

    1. foundaplanet
    2. crashtestdummy


      They cant get tomorrows weather right so i dount a 10year forecast would be accurate

    3. ronin


      Wrong, every wedding anniversary night will be clear, and god help you if you even think of going out imaging.

  10. Another for the above, or even the 1000D.... they are cheap to buy second hand, and do a great job
  11. It's a new dawn, It'a a new day, Its a new Life, It's a new life for me.... And im feeling good

    1. Qualia


      Da. Da-da. Da-da. Da-da...ooo, fish in the sea, you know how I feel :-)

    2. Keiran
    3. gazza63


      River running free,

      you know how I feel.....

  12. That would have been something to see.... What the likeliness though, it lasted only 1 second
  13. Can i ask what browser you are using please?
  14. Have you checked that you have the correct notifications checked? Click the little 'Notifications' icon, then at the top right of the drop down is 'Options'... This will take you to your notifications options, can you just check that you are asking to be notified for the correct items, Thanks
  15. Thats rather incredible Martin, lovely colours and detail
  16. Can't wait to get home and pull and nice double Espresso..... Hmmmm

  17. Really nice capture Mark, very impressive
  18. I need COFFEE.... NOW!!!

    1. emadmoussa


      Oops...I'm making some at the moment. Care for one? :)

    2. Keiran


      Please :)

  19. 7 and a half hours until the weekend :)

    1. emadmoussa


      Does your weekend start on Friday?!!

    2. Qualia


      It's been 7 1/2 hours for ages, now. Hope no one is trapped in some time-fixed loop or what have you.

  20. 2 days 7 hours until the weekend :)

  21. When you begin the stacking process you can select a percentage of images to stack. I think as default it is set to 95%. This means it will discard the worst 5%. You may also want to check the stack parameters. I think there is a stacking method in there, you can choose how it stacks the images, you may have the wrong one checked. HTH
  22. Thanks for sharing Steve, that is the most amazing HH i have ever seen.
  23. Hi Riccy and welcome to the forum, sounds like you are having a great night. Its not often you can by a scope and use it.... It normally brings bad luck and banks of cloud... Enjoy yourself Keiran
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