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  1. Like 'em all but the middle one through the trees really stands out for me. Beautiful shot, well done.
  2. JonH


    Nice one Phil, fantastic detail in those pics. I managed a brief peek of about 30 seconds with the PST during a very a brief gap in the clouds before total cloud cover for the rest of the day.
  3. That's just brilliant! Well done.
  4. Beautiful photos and a wonderful location. Nice one James.
  5. That's just brilliant Kev. It's amazing how well the foreground has been captured with just an 8 sec exposure.
  6. Thanks Martin. You can't beat a bit of serendipity, especially in Ipanema.
  7. JonH

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    A huge thanks to Grant, Daz and the team for yet another great star party. Really enjoyed catching up with old friends and meeting new. Also a big thanks to Rik for giving me the opportunity to play with fire next to a fast flowing river in the dark while drinking beer and being mocked by a bunch of drunken SGL-ers and an evil viking. Going to be difficult to top that next year!
  8. Awesome shots Michael, glad you had a great trip.
  9. The view is looking straight up the English Channel with northern France on the right and the UK on the left.
  10. Many thanks Grant, very happy to be back in Buzzard again this year.
  11. That's just magic Kev, your best time-lapse to date IMHO. I'm very jealous!!!!
  12. Check out the 500-rule: http://www.exploringexposure.com/blog/2014/8/28/how-to-avoid-star-trails-with-the-500-rule Google '500-rule for astrophotography' and you'll get lots of hits. Hope this helps.
  13. Great stuff James, the view from Roque de Los Muchachos is stunning.
  14. Thanks Jeremy. We were up in the hills 3kms from Sayalonga, about an hour's drive from Malaga. I can thoroughly recommend the area, not just for a holiday but the skies are pretty good too.
  15. Shot this star trail while on holiday with the fam last week in Spain. It's a quick n dirty process on the laptop with 270ish 30s exposures @ 1600 ISO on a 5D3 with 15mm lens. Such a treat to be out most of the night and be warm, but not so keen on the mozzies though. Nearly a week later and still scratching - must use more repellent next time.
  16. Just found this: http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1139812 Hope it helps.
  17. Have you tried taking the battery out and sticking it back in again?
  18. Nice one James, nicely exposed with plenty of detail in the foreground. Love the way the two planes streak across the sky.
  19. This may help: https://weatherspark.com/averages/29787/8/Nashville-Tennessee-United-States but then, it could be anything on the big day. Nashville's a fantastic destination and busy anyway, therefore if it's a serious contender as a base during the eclipse, it might be worth be looking at accommodation options now. Whatever the weather, there's always bar-hopping on Broadway!
  20. I think this could be tricky weather wise and would need to check climate charts before making a decision on location. Also, the path doesn't appear to pass near any gateway cities for flights so, unless you're up for a long drive, the premium/premium fare for August flights near an eclipse will also have connecting flights adding to the cost. Ouch. That said, Nashville is a fabulous destination and my pick of the cities along the eclipse path, but surely all available accommodation will be booked all ready. One possible option for me would be a flight to Denver and then drive up to Wyoming, sleeping in the car for the eclipse and then heading on up to Yellowstone NP. It's on my bucket list and therefore would kill two birds with one stone. Just depends on the weather. Pity the path isn't a 1000 miles or so to the south over southern California, Arizona and New Mexico and almost guaranteed clear skies...
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