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Hello to one and all. I'm new to astronomy but over the years have spent many an hour gazing upwards in amazement wondering what it all looks like. Anyway in the last few months of 2010 I decided to take the plunge and buy a cheap telescope to see what I could see, to whet my appetite and decide if I really was interested in spending my time in the dark looking upwards. Anyway I took the plunge and as I didn't know what I really wanted to look at didn't splash out too much spending £120 on a Celestron 130 EQ. The first night was full of frustration predominantly caused by the totally useless finder scope! A visit to Stockport Telescopes and £25 saw me with a red dot finder which I've mounted and has made a world of difference. As per the standard advice I started with the moon and was totally blown away then I moved on to Jupiter (something I really wasted to observe based on my love of Ted Simon's "Jupiter's Travels") and saw its moons, I then cast my gaze towards the nebula inside Orion and after looking at that I was speechless then a blubbering idiot calling my partner and boring her stiff with what I'd seen.

What should be next on my views that will blow me away list? (I've already been told that if I'm not already hooked once I've seen Saturn I will be)

I think it's safe to say that, even at this early stage, I'm hooked and cannot comprehend how much better the view will be if I spend a few quid more.......

Advice, criticism, banter etc all very welcome......

Oh and if there are any motorcyclists on here I'm also Dellis on UKGSer.com and ADVRider.com.


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Thanks for the warm welcome one and all. I was hoping for a clear night but the fog has rolled in so that's put an end to that :D I'll add Pleiades(M45) to my list and have a look as soon as I can see.


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