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    Motorcycling is my first love, both modern and classic, I own a 2012 KTM 990 Adventure and a 1969 650cc Triumph Trophy. I'm a keen camper and Roo, my partner, and I spend as many weekends as possible away on the bike spending the nights under canvas, we also spend our holidays away biking and and went to the North Cape last September camping all the way, a great adventure. I'm quite keen on the odd pint and of course astronomy.
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    Crewe, Cheshire

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  1. Price reduced to £65 posted and am open to offers, they're not being used and need to go to a new home. Dave
  2. These are in very good condition and are around 18 months old, they were bought new by me from Rother Valley Optics. The dust caps, storage bag, unused lens cloth and unused shoulder strap are all present. I'm looking for £65 posted or £60 collected from Crewe and am open to offers. Please email if interested dave.ellis@mail.com Thanks Dave
  3. Hello Richard and welcome. I'm only in Nantwich so if you need a bit of a hand just let me know. I like a pint too Dave
  4. Likewise, and it is so irritating. However, the 12v hairdryer sorts it out Dave
  5. I couldn't find an off the shelf padded bag or case for my new C925 so I got in touch with Bags 2 Cover who had previously made some top quality pannier inner bags for my aluminium motorcycle panniers. Anyway they put up with me changing my mind about what I exactly wanted on more than one occasion and I finally opted for a double padded bag with handles and an end zip. I waited for a couple of weeks for it to be made and I can say it was well worth it, really nicely made with a quality feel. I had the bad made long enough for my star diagonal to be left attached which also leaves space for my
  6. I have all three 26mm, 32mm & 38mm and they all offered great views in my 12" F5 dob (now sold), they were a little soft towards the edges but it didn't detract from my enjoyment. These must be the best value for money eyepieces you can buy. I now have a C9.25 at F10 which gives the ep's a much easier time and all three give clear views across the complete fov. Dave
  7. I bought an eyepiece from Algady, he's a really nice guy. The 8.8/82 I bought off him was like new and when I started to correspond with him over the e.p. I realised we'd met at The Peak Star Party and I'd already looked through the e.p. I was buying, small world. Dave
  8. Dellis

    SGL 8 - General Banter

    Got home this afternoon after just spending Saturday night there. The weather was a bit rum but it was nice to meet and chat with folks I saw last year and a few new ones too. Dave
  9. Dellis

    SGL 8 - General Banter

    Roo and I will be there tomorrow around midday we're also giving Tom aka Hypernova a lift. I was going to bring the society's solar scope along but looking at the weather forecast I don't think I'll bother However, I will be packing my scope and a pair of bins so here's hoping..... See you all tomorrow Dave
  10. I have n 11mm Nagler being delivered tomorrow, my first Dave
  11. Well I've given up waiting for a used Orion illuminated ep to turn up and just ordered a new one from Telescope House, shouldn't have sold the last one..... Dave
  12. Yes it does need both to achieve balance. Dave
  13. Well I made it back home with the scope in one piece (I have a padded case being made) and I took a couple of snaps, I forgot my camera so they're only iPhone jobs but you get the idea.... Mods so far are upgraded altitude bolts, Telrad, Astrozap dew shield, Revelation Astro 2" diagonal and I have an ADM Vixen saddle en route from the US.
  14. Ewan, I've had no clear skies since last weekend so I've not had a chance to use it again, it is fairly noisy when slewing at full speed but I can live with that. I'm going to my astro society this evening and I'll be showing off my new scope so I'll take a couple of pics and post them later tonight. Dave
  15. The upgrades have started... ADM saddle on order Dave
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