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  1. Hi

    looking for answers on roof design, roll off details and weather sealing. What information do you need to give advice. 

    I doubt if an on site assessment is feasible as i like in extreme NW Ireland.

    The pictures show the obey portion of the build on the left.




    1. Cornelius Varley

      Cornelius Varley

      mcooke999 is no longer a member of this forum so you won't get a reply.

      sgl mods team.

  2. To protect your timber against the weather, you could consider treating them off site prior to installation on site. You can buy special timber treatment from any DIY shop and paint apply it to the timber inside somewhere. This will protect it from the rain.
  3. Have you considered the Skywatcher 130P Heritage Dobsonian? This is possibly the most portable and easy scope to set up and not only that, it actually is a very capable telescope.
  4. Hello, I am a Structural Engineer and can offer advice and guidance on all aspects of your DIY Observatory build! Foundations Floor Construction & Details Roof Construction, Openings and Details Wall Construction & Insulation details Pier to support your set-up These are just a few of the aspects that I can help you with. I am very experienced in all construction materials, techniques and tricks of the trade and therefore I can help with any issue or question you may have relating to any part of your build... I offer a full design service which includes consultation with the client to
  5. I am a structural engineer by profession. It is usual to skew nail noggins at third points between all timber floor and roof joists. This is to prevent what is known as 'lateral torsional buckling' of the joists. Also, what type of roof construction are you planning to adopt? If it is timber rafters etc... then make sure you use galvanised straps to strap the roof down to the rest of the structure. This is to prevent wind suction from pulling the roof off! Also, not that it matters now because it is cast in but the steel reinforcing bars in your pier should not have really been placed in the g
  6. I've owned the 250PX and used it with my TMB 6mm EP and it gave fantastic views of the moon and jupiter.
  7. So when people say that certain scopes are better for planetary than DSO's, this is mostly due to some designs such as the Maksutov having such a long focal length limiting it's ability to provide a low power view with the usual low power EP's? And vice versa for 'good DSO scopes' with a short focal length that would need to have small focal length EP's and possibly a barlow to be good on planets. Other than that is there any reason why a telescope would be a 'planetary' or a 'DSO' telescope?
  8. Wow! Thanks everyone for your comments so far. I find it very interesting to hear your different views and comments on each type of telescope. Rather than the usual 'which telescope is best for me' thread of which there are many on this forum which are usually started by people on the market for a new telescope, this thread is mainly to improve my (and hopefully other beginners) understanding of the different designs and what objects they are best for. So if anyone reads this, this tread is not about which telescope I should buy, its for improving knowlage on the subject of telescopes ... Kee
  9. There are many different designs of telescope that exist. Whilst I understand the optical layout of the main designs, I would like to know the pro's and con's of each type from an astronomers perspective and the types of objects that each design would excel at or struggle with. The main designs that I would like to focus discussion on are: Refractor, Newtonian, schmidt cassegrain, Maksutov, Maksutov Cassegrain and Maksutov Newtonian. Again, I understand the optical configurations of each design. I'm more interested in the strengths and weaknesses of each design from your experiences.
  10. Without a doubt the SW 200P Dob. I had the 250PX version and it was an absolute dream to use and especially easy to find and locate your targets. Its an excellent choice of scope and is much more simple to use than anything on an EQ mount etc.
  11. I'm glad to hear that your enjoying your new telescope. First views of jupiter and its moons is always great to hear about. Its certainly a special sight! The TAL barlow is a good choice, although the Skywatcher deluxe 2x barlow is very good and quite cheap for its performance. With the barlow lens and your 25mm and 10mm EP's, then you'd have a range of: 26x, x52, 65x and 130x. All you need is something like a 3.5mm or a 7mm and barlow it to give you approx 185x which is ideal for viewing planets on a good night.
  12. I've got my SkyWatcher Explorer 150P (Newest metallic black model) on a TAL EQ Mount up for sale for £150 if your friend is interested? It has the same mount that the TAL1 would come with by the way... http://stargazerslounge.com/sale/155403-skywatcher-explorer-150p-tal-eq-mount-sale.html
  13. As newbies to SGL can't access the buy and sell section, I thought i'd point out my telescope for sale because it's perfect for beginners... SkyWatcher Explorer 150P (6") with TAL 1 Stand - FOR SALE U.K. Astronomy Buy & Sell Excellent condition and a perfect starter telescope! £185 o.n.o and I am open to all offers.
  14. yer 160x would be fine, have you ever taken it past that? What mount do you use?
  15. I'm thinking of getting a SW 130P Heritage Dob for the very reason that a larger scope means you would have just stayed in bed! It's no good having a 12" dob if you never use it lol
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