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Webcam Orion Nebula...WIP!


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Hello guys,

I'm really trying to avoid buying a DSLR and see how far I can go without having to spend a lot of money.

I've been trying to get enough data for M42 over the last few weeks and here's my result so far. Since I live on a busy (and a bit dangerous) main road I have to camp out the front of my house and hope people don't notice me! Plus out the front there's turbo light pollution. After doing my first long exposure a couple of night ago I might wait to complete this once Orion goes overhead and maybe to the west. I might have a go in IR too.

So - Skywatcher 130P, ~1 hour of shots at 4 seconds each on a very foggy night, polar aligned with WCS (made such a difference!), lots of faffing with DSS and touched up in CS5. Using a modified PS3 EyeToy camera and some custom software. The left is 150% of size - tbh I'm not sure if this was a good move or not so right is 100%!


Thanks for looking :)


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Thats great detail captured Simon and strong colour, I started with an SC3 Toucam mono and got great images without autoguiding just tracking, got a years worth of fun before my DSLR time. Keep going as its great fun.


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Cheers guys, tbh I was a bit disappointed with the pic! I managed to get almost the same result (and more dark cloud) with one third of the exposure!

Ah what can you do, I blame society. And the fogging.

I did have more trapezium detail - I might make an extra pic of the centre but with less processing to bring out the detail.

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This is a quite superb example of what can be done with an otherwise very basic setup. A lot of new members frequently ask what they can expect to see with a 130P and what they can do with a basic webcam, and I'm sure they'd be keen to see this.

The detail and colour you've drawn out, and symetry of the difraction spikes demonstrate the optical quality of a scope frequently recommended on the forum. And the roundness of the stars show the accuracy of tracking and alignnment. And this! through fog?? I'm really quite amazed - very well done! :)

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I've read a few post on these eye toys and Xbox vision and the results look great. Exactly what mods have been done to get these pics, are they very technical or quite easy?


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