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  1. The only consolation is that it takes me so long to process the data I get to a standard I am satisfied with, that one imaging night a month keeps me busy until the next one
  2. I have often wondered whether stars should be exactly in focus when lens is at infinity, rather than somewhere near infinity. Does it matter if the field is not showing curvature? Is the field only flat when the lens focuses exactly at infinity?
  3. Automation of roof and south flap on this page of my build thread. gate opener for roof and linear actuator for flap. Further automation not yet reported uses magnetic security switches to sense open and close positions for roof and flap. Open and close switches for roof and flap controlled by relay operated by VM110 card under control of Voyager. so far working OK.
  4. I use https://dscolourlabs.co.uk/; their metallic prints. I took images I wanted to give as gifts, created four versions with different brightness and contrast levels, and combined them into a single image. Sent those off and got a small trial print. From that test image, I could pick the version that I felt worked best and get however many larger versions I wanted. I was happy with the result and so was my family.
  5. Weirdly, for operational purposes, it went away. Messing around with PhD2 settings, I got pretty good results by taking the aggression right down and using longish exposures (4-5 sec in my case). Latest guide logs looked like this: 0.54 arcsec RMS in RA. According to meteoblue the atmospheric seeing at my location was 1.27-1.35 arcsec that night, so it was never going to be perfect. The specific frequency of oscillation and the visible jumping of the guide star vanished. Did the mount 'bed-in' in some way? Did I just hit on the right PHD2 settings? I will probably never know. The mount is currently back with vendor due to a pier crash accident, but that is a completely different problem.
  6. Apologies. This is labelled OVL rather than skywatcher, but I assume it is the same. Yes, I thought I had clicked on 40mm to check availability, but I must have missed. I would email FIrstLight Optics and see what they say. Lots of items have gone onto long back order due to COVID19, but will be supplied in future (I am currently waiting for a NB filter that is delayed until at least November).
  7. How about this? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/ovl-eyepieces/aero-ed-swa-2-eyepieces.html I am not sure it is exactly the same (I have an older Skywatcher Aero 40mm and love it), but worth checking out.
  8. Just to say that I am hugely enjoying this series. My thanks to everyone involved; mods and speakers. I have not been able to make most of the live broadcasts, because of family obligations, but I have followed up with many of them on YouTube. Excellent and valuable stuff
  9. Great image! I am also quite near Moel Famau, and I like the way it is always onthe horizon as you drive around. You don't get many nights like that around here!
  10. Some fabulous images here already. Better get my skates on if I want to give it a go!
  11. At the moment, I have kept a lot of old data. I do occasionally reprocess, for example, redoing with Pixinsight instead of DSS where I started, or messing around with the alignment and integration steps. Storage is cheap (compared with a lot of this hobby) and a 1 TB external hard drive is about £50 and a 2TB is £60. If you are not sure, I would spring for an extra drive. However, I am currently weeding my sub collection and hope to reduce it drastically over time - to make way for all the wonderful new images I hope to capture! So I think @ollypenrice is right. Save the first image after your automatic processes where you don't make creative decisions. Usually after calibration, cosmetic treatment, debayering (if relevant), registration and integration. From then on you are making decisions about how you treat the noise and 'artistically' present the image, so it is comforting to be able to go back and start again.
  12. Wyvern, I had a look at the pixartprinting website, but it all seemed to be centred on high volume promotional items. Which was the product you ordered for that splendid wall print?
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