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  1. Managed to do mosaic but never turned out properly before eclipse
  2. Thats brilliant well done. I views it also the red glowing blood moon gived me quite spookey feeling Amazing view
  3. Here couple moon mosaic pics took from my Sky Watcher 130 Date 27th September 2015.
  4. Thats pretty awesome from just ps3 webcam mind you i been addicted to playing GTA 5 Online on my ps3 has gallileo observatory you can fire bombs at hehe psn CliffyTdj add me sometime if anyone has the same game
  5. I views Partial Solar Eclipse from location Middlesbrouth Northeast UK Shame about clouds like. managed to take few pics of it. It give me that magical feeling . was amazed captured bit of it.
  6. Managed to capture some of partial eclipse from Middlesbrough UK. As best as i could due to clouds.
  7. Jupiter with 2 bands showing and it's 4 moons.
  8. Here couple deep sky pics using my Skywatcher Explorer 130 telescope on SW AZ-3 mount. Camera Just point and shoot Samsung S1050 Also took pic Pleiades or Seven Sisters (Messier 45) using same camera Samsung s1050 Had test with Logitech quickcam pro 3000 managed to get working on windows 7 took some doing sorting drivers just holding cam to EP. Orion Nebula
  9. Practising with me new telescope got as gift for christmas 130mm Skywatcher Explorer on AZ-3 mount. at moment just looking through double glazed windows. will have to get this scope outside sometime
  10. Merry christmas to all.

  11. Here is moon i imaged still using same stuff i need upgrade sometime
  12. Havent posted moon pic for ages i'm still with same old scope moon as best as could get it quick imaging.
  13. Captured 1 only on cam nice capture from me auto detection modded webcam.
  14. Nice meteor comet captures
  15. I captured somet early hours awesome automatic capture aswell
  16. Very interesting result got some kind meteor detection at 20.100 mhz am and exact same detection also from G-r-a-v-e-s 143.049mhz Here me screen grab for me 20.100mhz am Radio Roberts R809 monitoring with speclab And now me RTL-SDR R820T with SDRSharp software tuned to G-r-a-v-e-s 143.049mhz detection same monitoring with speclab. Thats very interesting.
  17. Made audio cable up set speclab running and got some peak at 1000hz what ever it was interesting reflection as was at around 200hz monitoring 20.100 mhz am could been anything like lot sproggie lines like
  18. Still working on it at moment got me sdr receiever and speclab monitoring meteors which allready know how to do at moment using G-r-a-v-e-s space radar 143.049 mhz thing. i just need to make audio cable from me portable radio to me numark mixer which is allready connected to me computers input then create speclab screen or download some jupiters software for monitoring. then will start monitoring white noise on me speclab screens couple hours later check screen grabs if gets any peaks.
  19. Created some wire antenna in garden I put ferrite block end of galvonised wire got i kind made it so goes along from hook on wall dont worry aint got no plasma tv going long to washing pole with hole at top fed it through that then futher along garden tied to fence with ferrrite block on end testing it at moment on me sdr on 24 mhz JT65 weak signals allways test me antenna's with that software wsjtx stuff http://www.physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/K1JT/wsjtx.html and seems to be working decoding lot signals with it red markers is 24 mhz test other pink markers thats from me loft antenna i made for me cb radio since i got thunderpole for that i using loft antenna sometimes on me sdr as picks all sidebands up and that also got me HB9CV for meteors which started to now just monitor through night. good them pink markers how far me loft antenna just gets also decoding the signals. you can monitor my reception reports from here me . http://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html?preset&callsign=MA3065SWL will have to test the wire antenna on me portable radio see if gets out.
  20. Me SDR receiver can tune from around lowest 23 mhz - 800+ mhz using any modes using sdrsharpe. and me portable radio Roberts R809 AM/FM Shortwave radio 0.153 - 30 mhz i can log in the 20.100 mhz am which i read up is mostly used for listening so was thinking making some antenna for it sometime and monitor for any signal bursts. mite make the dipole antenna when get some coax.
  21. Whats best for listening to Jupiter ? I come across portable Shortwave HF reciever Roberts R809 http://rigreference.com/en/rig/3751-Roberts_R_809 It's got extention jack socket on it so was thinking making cheap jupiter antenna for it try listen for jupiter storm stuff log in 20.100 mhz. just woundered what antenna be best to try make. i was thinking making long wire hang it pretty high. or maybe delta loop maybe or inverted vee drop down. as can easy make them out wire. got some galvonised garden wire 3 x 15 meter rolls was thinking what i could make with that . and when jupiters over head tune in that radio and monitor signal on me computer.
  22. Still got my R820T RTL-SDR monitoring the meteors also been during day listening to side bands on 27mhz americans on am.
  23. Brilliant captures. My automatic motion capture webcam captured 1 for me
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