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  1. Very nice image Mike, looks like your experiments were a great success, really bright and luminous looking image. Rich.
  2. That's very nice, so smooth and detailed. Really good stuff. Cheers, Rich.
  3. Very nice Franck, some nice delicate details in there. Rich.
  4. Very impressive resolution there. Very nice. Rich.
  5. Great shot that, looks like that time spent with the guiding,etc, has paid off. Very nice detail and like the colour too. Cheers, Rich.
  6. The framing and the clarity of the gas structures show real promise for future data grabbing on this one. Look forward to seeing it again when you get the extra subs. Cheers, Rich.
  7. Keep it as it is, looks great to me:D Great piece of work. Cheers, Rich.
  8. The bubble is just so well define there, nice work from the two of you! Done a good job there of controlling the bright area in the bubble too. Cheers, Rich.
  9. It always amazes me that you can point a camera lens at the sky with a 6 degree diagonal FOV and have nearly the whole image full of gas. Before I started long exposure astrophotography I never realised just how big these objects can be. Cheers, Rich.
  10. Thanks Kevin, Guy and Steve. I've not tried the lens stopped down as I wanted to avoid the diffraction spikes you get with that, I should try it though to see what difference it makes to the star sizes (I did quite a bit of star reduction to try and make the nebula show more with this, I'd rather have just a handfull of stars left!). The camera is attached to the lens using an adapter from 'Mogg Adapters'. I use the Starlight (T)-EOS adapter, I couldn't achieve focus with the initially supplied ATIK-EOS adapter. There is the slight issue that the T-thread on the adapter is deeper than the T-th
  11. Will be looking forward to the addition of the O3, the Ha alone is amazing, so much detail in the faint stuff... Rich.
  12. Thanks Jim, hopefully we won't have to wait too long here for some clear skies again... Rich
  13. Superb result, great colour and detail. The stars are so small and sharp, amazing without sharpening,etc Rich.
  14. Took this a few nights ago in Ha and hoping to add other channels to it when the clouds/rain move on:) Not sure I've got the levels/curves right at the moment though. Taken with an Atik383 camera, Baader Ha filter (1.25") and Canon 200mm prime lens at f2.8. Exposure was 8*15min, processed in Astro Art 5. Thanks for looking, Rich.
  15. The resolution of the 383 should be better with the smaller pixels than the 314 but you might be seeing better detail in the 314 image because it is deeper due to its bigger pixels:icon_scratch: There's always the option to bin 2x at longer focal lengths and still have plenty of pixels to play with. Nice images there and glad you're liking the camera. Cheers, Rich.
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