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    Thank for the comments, much appreciated! Olly - that's a great tip about the background. So simple, why did I never think of doing that before!?!? Zul - that fuzzy blob on the right is another galaxy - NGC 5474
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    Had an excellent night on Wednesday and managed to capture 5 hours and 10 mins on M101 Had fun processing this one. It's the first time I've used a star layer properly and I think it's really helped. So here it is, along with several faint fuzzies! 62 x 300 secs 25 x darks 30 x flats - I'm loving the light panel, much better than aiming at the kitchen window with the blind down lol
  3. Olly - yes I'm very pleased! I think the effect you are describing is slightly more pronounced in the second picture. I know on that one that I didn't get the camera sat properly on the focuser. I ended up with some wonky stars in the corners, most of which have been cropped out. The brass compression rings tend to want to pop the camera out slightly, any tips and tricks on how to stop that from happening?
  4. Sorry for not seeing these replies earlier. Here's two pictures I've taken with it so far. As soon as all these pesky clouds clear I'll be out taking some more!
  5. Cheers! Practice does make perfect, here's to lots more practicing!
  6. Last year: 32 x 30 secs unguided with a 40D This year: 54 x 5 minutes guided with QHY8L I wonder how much I can improve in another year!
  7. No worries, fngers crossed for clear skies!
  8. Thanks guys, feedback is appreciated! jnc71106: Ikharus 102 from Ian King Imaging with the reducer at f5.6 QHY8L Guided with an ST80, QHY5 and PHD 66 x 5 min subs 30 darks 30 flats Stacked in DSS and processed in Photoshop CS3 Here it is all set up:
  9. So this is the most data I've had on any image so far, and what a difference it makes! Here's 5.5 hours in 5 minute subs. I think I've got about as much as I can get out of it. I had some horrendous gradients from light pollution and after removing them I lost a bit of the fainter detail, but despite that, I'm proper chuffed with this one!
  10. Thanks! Martin, I did try that and it did end up pointing back where I was, but then the image is up side down on the screen isn't it? I would only have had about another 30 mins or so before it went behind next door's house so I didn't bother trying to suss it all out. I'll do it another day. I wish I could leave it out all night, but I just don't trust the weather!
  11. A little tip for anyone who gets this message when calibrating PHD: Make sure the ST4 cable is connected to the mount! Derrrrrrrrrr!
  12. I've been dying to have a go at this for a year and last night I made a pretty good start I think. I managed to get 3 hours in 5 minute subs in before it crossed the meridian and PHD had a little spasm. I tried to do a flip but didn't end up pointing where I started at, and being all upside down was confusing me so I thought I'd leave it at 3 hours and hopefully get another 3 tonight. So here we go, 36 x 300 seconds + darks and flats. A fairly quick process, as I plan on adding more to this tonight. I also used the red channel as a luminance layer blended at about 15% Should I just pull the
  13. Thanks guys. I'm pleased with the result after only an hour of data, can always add more! I thought I'd post a 100% crop of the corners so anyone who may be thinking of a similar setup can see how it performs.
  14. So after seemed like forever, the clouds broke, the wind dropped and I got out for a play. This was the first time imaging for about 5 months - yes I've been swamped with cloud and rain for that long - so it took me a while longer than usual to get set up. I managed to get 18 x 300sec subs but dew + high cloud and a full moon meant I scrapped 6 leaving me with 1 hour of data. I know it was only a quick run, but I'm very impressed with this telescope and supplied reducer - I've got pinpoint stars corner to corner!
  15. After waiting for what seems like forever, I've finally got a clear night with no wind at all to try out the new Ikharus 102ED Currently taking 5min subs on M45 and everything looks good so far. Got pinpoint stars corner to corner with the QHY8L and I'm a very happy Spanky! I don't even care about the moon! Ohm and I get to try out my new light panel too, thanks to Father Christmas for that!
  16. That's saved me a bit of cash then, cheers!
  17. Does anybody on here use these panels? Electroluminescent Panels (EL) Do they work with Ha filters? I'm looking to get a panel and these are quite a bit cheaper than the Nuemann ones!
  18. I've been interested in seeing how you've been getting on with the ha filter and the QHY8L. That's a great amount of detail you've captured there, think I might have to invest in an ha filter too!
  19. I've been using EZCAP with my QHY8L and it does the job and is a doddle to use, but the one thing bugs the **** out of me is that you can't shrink the captured image to fit the display window. Are there any free alternatives that can do this along with everything else that EZCAP does?
  20. Thanks for that, think I'll add that to my Christmas wishlist!
  21. Thanks guys, I can't wait for a first light! @LongJohn - good job with the Jupiter pic, I really should get myself one of those webcams and have a go a the planets!
  22. I can't believe you did that with 4-second subs with a webcam! What a result!
  23. So after almost a year with the 150p I decided I wanted to go down the refractor route, and the Ikharus 102 from Ian King Imaging was the one that ticked all the right boxes for me. First impressions: When I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised to see a decent amount of polystyrene surrounding the scope. Perhaps not as much as I would have preferred, but certainly better than some people had on another thread. Having never seen on of these in the flesh before it seemed a lot chunkier than I imagined and when I picked it up out of the box it felt much heavier than I imagined it would do.
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    After two months of waiting, I finally got a clear night and grabbed 3 hours of M33 in 5min subs. I wanted to do 10mins really but it was soooooooo windy that I thought that might be pushing it a bit! Unfortunately I totally buggered up with the flats so had to process without. I got rid of most of the gradient, there's just that bit on the right hand side of the galaxy. Ah well, better luck next time! Here it is anyway:
  25. Clear hear in Lancashire too. The wind is gusting quite strongly but PHD seems to be coping ok! I'm experimenting on IC1848, clear skies to you all!
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