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  1. Yes it does. Very much the same as PS. Those small levels adjustment that Steve Richards showed a few weeks ago is something I will be looking at trying on Affinity Photo when I get a bit of time.
  2. I was going to pop up for the day on Saturday. I just tried to get hold of Kelling to ask, but was on the phone too long. So I think I will have to miss coming up for a socially distance meet up with folks. Have a good one those that are going / there.
  3. A follow up pic from the same morning showing a lot more detail.
  4. And waiting in the wings was...
  5. Flipping heck. The dyslexic fingers have struck again...
  6. In the clear bit between the neighbours houses, I managed to get Big Jupe and Saturn. Now waiting for Mars to get high enough.
  7. Well Mars is certainly starting to look fantastic. Lots of surface detail showing and polar cap shrinking. It's going to be a busy few months. I also created an animation from three of this mornings images. Taken with a Celestron C11. 2x Barlow. ZWO ASI120MC Camera.
  8. Great sketch. My drawing is rubbish. That's why I image...
  9. Thank you. Of course you can use it. Cheers.
  10. An early start today for Mars as Syrtis Major was due to rotate into view and be nicely on display just before dawn. Image taken with a Celestron C11, 2x Barlow and ZWO ASI120MC camera.
  11. I couldn't resist having yet another play with the data. Such fun!
  12. I just couldn't resist having a play with this wonderful data to try creating something different. I first created the RGB image in Photoshop. Ha - Red. OIII - Green. Si - Blue. All subsequent image processing was performed using Affinity Photo. Duplicated layer to create three identical layers. Used curves to tweak out the fainter material in each layer to varying degrees. Strong curve adjustment on bottom layer. Medium curve on middle. Very subtle curve on upper. Created and applied layer masks on the upper two layers created from the layer below it. Flattened the image.
  13. £45 A brand new set of the absolutely marvellous 3-volume set of Luna Cognita by Robert Garfinkle. These are still in their original wrapping. Only selling these as a mix up meant I accidentally ordered two copies. Pick up only please as these are very heavy.
  14. Sorry I didn't make this. It took them longer than expected to get Bob & Doug out of the Dragon capsule.
  15. The Virtual Astronomy Club are holding a live watch party for the Splashdown of Dragon scheduled for 7:42 tomorrow. I'll try and join you as soon as we've finished.
  16. Just fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out.
  17. Hi Folks. I have just released a guide for Affinity Photo astrophotography image processing, but I don't think I'm allowed to advertise within SGL. Dave
  18. Really sorry to hear this. I know how much work goes into organising something like this.
  19. Sadly, I wont' be there on the Friday evening, so hope it goes well.
  20. Looking fantastic Kev. Can't wait to see it for real this afternoon. See you later.
  21. Looking fab Kev. Let me know when would be a good time for you for me to pop over and admire it.
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