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  1. Thanks for the info, looks like I've been a bit of a div in the understanding of "Stopping Down" and went to the other end of the scale. next time I'll try the other end. Well you dot find out unless you ask, thanks for the help
  2. I took some photos of Leo last night, just using the camera on tripod (Canon 1100d, 18-55 lens, 18mm at F22), 30 shots at 30 sec a piece. What would be the best stacking program for these? I've tried DSS and it doesn't seem to want to do anything with them, can only read 20-30 stars. any advice would be appreciated. thanks Sully
  3. No its windows movie maker file, bit of a nuisance to convert but i've managed to get to AVi now but registax still wont take it?
  4. sorry to keep harping on about this, but how can i convert wImp file to AVI to enable me to import to registax? can it be done?
  5. I have two AVI files in 30min segments, from 2 different cameras, but im struggling to get them down to a manageable portion, the 2mins in question. Registax wont load them for some reason, I take it that its because of the size, what do you reckon i should use to edit down to the 2min required? by all means you can have a go if I can get it down to a manageable size.
  6. I didn't really know where to put this question so its ended up here and not very Astronomical, Sorry. Does anyone know how i can stack CCTV images so i can read the Reg plate of the van of the guy that stole my sons bike? Can i do it with registax what do i have to convert it too?
  7. Sorry to but in, but where can I download 3.3.4 cause I can't get my pictures to display properly in the current version
  8. Thanks for the advise guys hopefully might have another go tonight, sky's permitting!
  9. I've been trying to load in some Raw images to DSS but when i preview them its only showing a thin vertical portion of the image, whats going on?
  10. Yes I'm using a remote timer and the camera only 18/55 lens not attached to scope. 20 sec at iso800
  11. I've Just been out trying to get some images of orion constelation with my 1100d, but the shots just seem to be blackouts, is this just a beginners error somewhere along the lines? I've set the camera as detailed in the timer manual but dont seem to be getting the results. Can anyone help, What should i be setting the camera/timer to do?
  12. Funnily enough it was piling sands that was giving the 5.1 still got to get up there to have a look. I'm a bit dubious though cos Heysham power station is light up like a xmas tree.
  13. i've been trying to reccy out a decent dark sky spot near me, and living near Blackpool that aint easy! But i have managed to find a spot that scores a 5.10 on the "http://www.need-less.org.uk/" sight. How do your spots compare?
  14. The choice of Mount was going to be my next question, I was thinking an HE5? When I have a go at the AP I use either a spc900 or 1100d, so does the 130pds and HE5 sound ok?
  15. Given the respective merits of the 130pds and the 200p, which would you choose if you were given to occasional veiwing and AP (mainly winter)
  16. This doesn't look like its going to be as easy as I thought. Kirkster mentions LP filter, will I need to get one to get results? Has anyone got some basic settings to start out with? Thanks Sully
  17. Thanks for that jimmy, but what exactly is meant by "stopping down" and does that mean exposure times will be quite short? Sorry for the probably obvious but it's my first DLSR. Sully
  18. I'm looking to get myself the1100d later this week, I am planning to use it in a scope, but does anyone know if any decent results can be had with just the camera and lens as supplied, 18-55, on a tripod. Would be interested to hear of any results. Cheers Sully
  19. Well done, I find there's nothing more satisfying than finding something for yourself, proper sense of achievement.
  20. I'll definetly be trying out the settings you passed on the other day. Do you use an auto focuser? Also I use the bahtinov for focusing when observing, but when ever I try when imageing the object just disapears, an tips? cheers Sully
  21. The one with the moons is actually 2 photos combined, the planet and moons were over exposed, to show moons up, then a decent one of the planet itself taken same night and superimposed in Serif to get the final result. As far as I know its the only way to get them in the same shot. The settings used did take a bit of time to get rightish, since I last imaged I've had a laptop crash and lost all the settings, so it was a bit of a mare, a 2 hour mare, to get an image on screen. I think they still need a bit of work but here they are: [Philips SPC 900NC PC Camera] Frame Divisor=1 Resolution=640x480 Frame Rate (fps)=10.00 Colour Space / Compression=YUY2 Exposure=-7 Brightness=38 Contrast=23 Saturation=3 Gamma=0 ColorEnable=255 BacklightCompensation=0 Gain=32 Hope they are of some use.
  22. Here's my first go at Jupiter since last winter. Thought I'd have a go with my x2 barlow stacked with another borrowed x2 to see what would come out, I don't think its come out too bad considering, can see the GRS and the beginings of some cloud formation, so quite happy over all. But I am open to critisism and advice so feel free. Took 1500 frames on with my SPC then run through Castrator then stacked and wavelets played with in Registax and finished off in Serif X5, I've also tagged on my last attempt from last year so there has been some improvement.
  23. I may be asking alot here, but I've not had a go at imaging for a while, bad weather, blah blah. Had a go tonight and got the attached basic image, I've played around with it in Serif X5 and got something a bit better but the file format wont let me publish. could someone please take a look and let me know if theres anything else in there. Set up used as sig, plus celestron x2 barlow stacked with tal x2. Have I over reached the scope? or are things out of focus? Any advice welcome, Thanks Sully now2.tif
  24. I took some AVI the other night, but when I try to load it to Castrator it Shows a red screen with "COG threshhold to high", could someone tell me what this is? Thanks Sully
  25. Hi Tony, Don't be paranoid about the silly feeling, Should I ask this? Whay can't I see That? We all get it in the begining, And Ive found the guys on here to be very tolerant and eager to pass on advice so the make the most of it and enjoy. Sully
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