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M42 and Double Cluster from Portugal


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My first post here :D .

I'm from portugal and, like everyone here, I love AP.

I started AP last DEC 2007 with the Holmes outburst. Since my first photo seemed OK to me I stay with it (with the hobby).

So, here my gear:

-Tak. FS102NSV @ f/6.2 or f/8

-Tak. FS60C @ f/6.2

-Canon 40D (mod)

-QHY CMOS guider camera

-ATLAS EQmod mount

Just to share with you, 2 of my last AP.

M42 in HDR: Tak. FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + 40D

9x (15s+30s+60s+120s+240s) + 4x480s (still missing: 5x480s and 9x720s)


Double Cluster: Tak. FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + 40D



GIF of asteroid (587)Hypsipyle from the last image subs




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One thing is for sure, I will post here forever. You are so nice. Thanks.

I only make one AP session per month. I live in a very polluted town so I need to go to the country side. I travel about 160 miles to my parent's house and, if the weather permits, I take subs all night long (literally). My wife don't like but you know..! My problem here is that from April to September we have warm nights (this year I had some night with temperature of 20+ ºC and that, with a DSLR, is not good). Now it is fairly cold and I'm anxious to go there again....I need to wait only more 2 weeks or so!

These ones are specially for bazza since it seems he like asteroids too. I took those last August after studing this funny "rendez-vous" between comet C/2007W1 (Boattini) and 3 asteroids. This time I used my FS60C with about 4º photo field and rotate the camera carefully to capture the third asteroid at the upper right corner. Second photo is next day where asteroid (32)Pomona and comet Boattini seems in colision route. I love asteroids. Hope you like it a little (the file is too big so I shrink it).





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A fantastic set of pictures to introduce yourself with. M42 is superb with excellent focus tracking and processing, the detail is amazing. The asteroid captures are great too, I love the way you have presented the animated clip of the three asteroids and the comet.

Welcome to SGL Paulo, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your pictures.



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Hello Paulo,

I can only repeat what all the others have said about your superb imagery.

A warm welcome to SGL, and what a pleasure it is for us to welcome such an accomplished Astro Imager to our forum.

I do hope you enjoy being here.

Ron. :salute: :salute:

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