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  1. The latest from ASA, via the Yahoo Group Website. Brought to my attention from an Astro Society friend of mine, who has just taken delivery of a ASA DDM60. Yahoo! Groups Barry.
  2. There is only one shutter covering both chips. Assuming you have the 'Dual Chip' check box checked, guiding will stop while downloading, as already stated. As a precaution, start Maxim first, then power on your SBIG Camera(s).....good tip, trust me!!! Barry.
  3. To add to what Dennis has said - it is also VERY important to have the Filter Wheel settings as per the Manual. ie. SBIG Universal Driver with 'Standard' set (I think) for a CFW9 wheel. (This makes the Comm Port option redundant, as it's not required). Barry.
  4. Beautiful Peter, Without doubt, your best image to date. (ever)? Very well processed and I knew there was more detail behind that 'Horse'! The colour is, well, spot on. A benchmark for all DSLR users. I'm glad you posted this, just before you went on holiday!!!!! Barry.
  5. bazza


    Images taken with my 10" LX200R mounted on a Losmandy G11.
  6. bazza


    From the album: DEEP SKY OBJECTS

  7. Olly, Try this beauty, recently posted: http://deepskycolors.com/astro/2009/12/mb_2009-12-01_RosetteConeWF_HaRRGB.jpg Barry.
  8. Martin, I don't know much about the EM200, but I'll try to help. Looking at the specs of the EM200, it says 12/24VDC. Now, I know there can be some issues when you try to operate the G11 at 12V, it needs 18V to work properly. Is it possible that this is the issue and it needs more than 12V? I hope I'm not coming up with stupid ideas here!! I don't know what sort of mains adapter you have/had....mine was from John at Astrodevelopments and I've never had any problems. I take it with everything else disconnected, the mount is still struggling? Barry.
  9. FocusMax does this I think? Incidentally, I use FocusMax and once set up, it is absolutely superb for every time, 'in focus' images. Barry.
  10. TJ, Aaaaaah....the Eagle Neb...it just stands for Astrophotography, does it not? I've got no chance with M16 - trees and just too low. Glad to see the gear giving you some return. I think it's a super image given what you were battling against! Yes, that APOD is a beauty, but I bet he didn't have half the battle you did - which must make yours doubly satisfying. I think I prefer the mono version, either way, you can see the detail in the columns. Anyone who produces an Eagle Neb from the Midlands in the UK has raised the bar IMHO. Well done mate......will I have to move house?! Regards, Barry.
  11. Just stunning Olly. You have raised the bar, by several notches with this. It must be the best image you've produced to date. Highly satisfying, I suspect! Excellent processing. Barry.
  12. Glad everything is working to order TJ! Barry.
  13. Excellent choice - and thanks Steve for giving up your time. (Whispers....now where's that tenner..............) Barry.
  14. Daz, please don't think I'm having a 'pop' - I'm not, but given now that another POW judge has been appointed, then that would make Dave's discussion entirely relevent. It may have been already muted that another POW judge was required, but surely this thread has brought it to the fore. I'm nobody's enemy, but it's plain to me that Dave hasn't been around for a couple of days (least I haven't come across any answers or threads by him) - I wouldn't want Dave to think he wasn't wanted here. Barry.
  15. I like Picture of the week and I like reading the judges summaries of each weeks imaging. That said, I too, think Dave had every right to start the discussion and having met him, I know that all he said was meant in the way of promoting discussion. What is said on the forum sometimes, somehow comes across different from how it is meant - I remember I commented on someone's image once and on re-reading it, it seemed condescending, which was not what I meant. Dave has introduced, helped, encouraged and advised many, many members on this forum - the last thing he would do or would want to do, is offend any of them. Lastly, I can see the value of experienced advice over general encouraging comments - but I like both, I don't really see why both types of comment can't live side by side. Barry.
  16. Great image John - never heard of this one. Very unusual. Barry.
  17. Lovely image Tim. This is my next target - if the clouds ever go away! Barry.
  18. Pretty good for 30 mins worth Roy. Interesting object, isn't it? Barry.
  19. Count me in. Barry.
  20. I imaged this at the end of March and the end of April due to cloud, work etc. Lum 15 x 210 sec subs RGB 10 x 210 sec subs each. I'm not very pleased with it - I've been fighting with gradients and I now realise I need to increase the sub length. I can allow the ST-10 to bloom alot more. I've included the solved version too. Barry.
  21. Steve, Superb image, especially the Whale - Adam's Block's APOD....well look at his gear!! Barry.
  22. Superb image Kevin, Really good detail and lovely colour - but subtle. An image to be really proud of. Barry.
  23. Nice capture Steve. I bet that gusty wind on Saturday played havoc with the imaging! Barry.
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