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  1. Thanks for the advice chaps, all appreciated. Forgotten how helpful this forum is!
  2. Probably didn't make myself clear. I'm not interested in colour images. B/w is fine.
  3. One confusing part of your post is you say you dont want color or filter wheels but you want a b&w camera? You've confused me now! Not wanting colour or filter wheels would indicate a b/w camera? Surely?
  4. I don't have a Canon i have a top end Sony. I really don't want to mess around with it as it was a gift. I hear what you say, I think someone on here is flogging a Canon. I'm not sure about the autoguiding, I like to keep things simple and stupid (being simple and stupid). I just have a typically suburban back yard with oodles of light pollution and I keep the scope and mount in the garden shed until I want to use them. It really is an amateur sort of set up as I don't have the time to get too deeply into it, but I do enjoy astrophotography. Thanks for the advice though, I'll start looking for
  5. I'm back astronomering after a break of around 5 years. I used to use a Minolta camera for my imaging but managed to banjax two of them during my imaging years. Being as I now have an expensive DSLR (for taking normal pictures...) I don't want to stick it on the end of the scope. So, I'm looking at a CCD camera, willing to spend @ £500. I have an 8 inch reflector on a HEQ5 pro which after I dusted the cobwebs off, oiled all of the stuff with threads on it and and stripped and rebuilt the handset is working like new. I don't use guiding, I used to get two minute unguided exposures out of the m
  6. Have done S194, M121 and S282 which were excellent, I started S283 with the intention of getting the certificate in Astronomy but found it deathly boring and dropped it. Just a warning. If like me you are into maths and physics you may find 283 a bit off beat. Don't let me put you off but it's not astrophysics, more geology and chemistry, that sort of thing.
  7. On a wider note, discounting finding bacteria and stuff (Europa is looking good IMO) I tend towards the belief that life never really gets the chance to get too advanced before it wipes itself out/it's local Sun explodes etc etc. I mean it's taken half the lifetime of our Sun for us to crawl out of the sludge, and I reckon that we've had some massive strokes of luck along the way. What chance we develop inter stellar travel before our own Sun goes pop? Even if we did manage to get out of the Solar System, whatever new star or star systems we inhabited would eventually go bang. We would be lik
  8. I joined my local AS when I bought my scope a couple of years ago. I didn't find it unfriendly but I didn't find it friendly either. I was a bum on a seat. (Take that which way you will....) Some of the talks were interesting, some weren't. They have an old 12" reflector in a nice obs but I never had the chance to look through it. And yes, it was full of people that the man on the street would expect to see at a local AS. Cardigans, the smell of broken biscuits, open toed sandals and socks..........just like jazz guitarists actually. I stopped going after a good try to fit in. As someone else
  9. He's been imaging for one year......... http://deepskycolors.com/pics/astro/2009/01/2009-01-17_M42_IC434d.jpg http://blog.deepskycolors.com/
  10. Crikey that's a lovely owl, I know people probably look at your kit and probably think it must be easier somehow, but it's not.
  11. Cracking shot, I'm deciding that widefields are my favourite shots I think.
  12. You caught a bit of dust lane and M32 there Mike, not bad for only 7x60's.
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