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  1. Sad News Hope they catch the person responsible, and get the kit back....
  2. Now thats something interesting that was debated last year. Paul Vanezis, one of the producers pointed out that there are 2 meanings - live stargazing where we look up at the stars (clouds), or a live programme about stargazing... It is for the latter that the programme is called Stargazing live - its a live programme about stargazing.... On the point that they didn't visit us out in the field at Jodrell Bank that was made earlier. I was there on Tuesday night, and the reason they didn't spend much time out with us was simply that everyone was expecting it to cloud over. We were all very shocked that it stayed clear throughout the shows! The producers made a judgement call on the running order based upon the likelyhood of clear skies which meant they didn't come out and visit the amateurs. They did tell us that before the show went out. Cheers, Richie
  3. A very good point Robin! We should all be watching eBay for the next couple of months - I suspect there will be several bargains to be had! My view is that the programmes were fun - they tried to explain some very difficult concepts, and did a good job at it. I do think they tried to squash a little too much into to little time though. My opinion is that it doesn't matter if we like or dislike the programmes - if the general public gets something out of it and gets turned onto the sky, then brilliant. Cheers, Richie
  4. Hi Merlin, Thanks for the info - luckily I use a Monochrome camera (the SXVR-H18) - Can you tell me what BVIR actually means? Cheers, Richie
  5. Hi, Thanks for the info. I use MaximDL - i've had a play with the astrometry stuff, but my check stars are not coming out at the right mag value. Not sure what I am doing wrong! I guess just a light curve for a first pass would be nice, although having a calibrated system sounds like the way forward - is there a set of standard calibration stars that I should use? Cheers, Richie
  6. Hi All, With the appearance of SN2011by, I really would like to use my equipment to do some real science and learn how to monitor the brightness of the outburst over time. I currently have various scopes, and an SXVR-H18. Normally, when taking deep-sky shots, I pick a relatively long exposure (say 5 minutes) and take lots. I am wondering how different things are for photometry. Specifically, as the H18 has anti-blooming gates, and a relatively shallow well depth, I guess it is critical to keep the exposure length shorter so that the chip doesn't become saturated? The full specs on the chip for the H18 are here: Starlight XPress SXV series cameras Page Also, do you still need to shoot mulitple exposures and stack? I am guessing that raw frames (no calibration) should be used as well? Any advice gratefully recieved on how to get the most accurate results out of this sort of kit. Thanks in advance, Richie
  7. Actually Olly, that is exactly the sort of observation I was after... the baaders are soooo much cheaper that I can get an Oiii as well, so if they are good enough, and work well, then thats my preferred route..... Sent from my Milestone using Tapatalk
  8. Lovely John! Sent from my Milestone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi All, I am just about to buy some 2" filters to replace my old 12nm Astronomik 1.25" filters and LRGB set. I can't afford the Astrodon's, so that really leaves me with Astronomik or Baader. Can anyone tell me relative experiences of both, to help me narrow down on a decision? I am going to be buying an LRGB set plus as narrow an Ha filter as I can (7nm for Baader, 6nm for Astronomik.) Any thoughts/advice gratefully received! Cheers, Richie
  10. I have the external fan - it was holding -40 ok for me until last week... Now I am using -35. Aye Rob - it is a noisy [removed word] indeed, but does work Cheers, Richie
  11. Thats a good resource. Really looking forward to the IoW this year Wish I had enough holiday credits to spend on the other star parties this year Cheers, Richie
  12. Cool - i'll have a listen - thanks for the heads-up!
  13. Hi All, Mark Thompson (the One Show/Stargazing Live Astronomer) just pinged me and asked if I had/knew anyone up north (Northumberland and above.) From Mark: "Calling astronomers of the north..... As part of my piece on the One Show tonight (BBC1 between 7 and 7.30pm) I will be talking light pollution. I am looking for examples of good dark sites that can be represented by a good picture of the night sky. (Ideally showing foreground objects but not essential) I have pics from South England and East England so anything from Wales, North West, Scotland would be fantastic. If your pic gets shown, you will get a mention too. Please post on this thread (I am going to link him to this thread), and email the original to mark@markthompsonastronomy.com" Many thanks all, Richie
  14. Sunday @8pm on Astronomy.FM - A Universe of Possibilities - Under British Skies Episode 9 - Comets. Exclusive interview with Dr Robert Massey Come join us LIVE in chat during the show: Astronomy.FM Forums User Control Panel Login If you can't make it, you can listen to repeats throughout Monday, or download the podcast from Wednesday onwards. Clear Skies! The UBS Team
  15. It must have remembered the photons then Olly! Hehehe This is a slight crop, as the H18 picks up some strangeness (crescent shaped stars) to the top-right of the image. Must post about that actually.... Anyway, wcs. I found it recognised my webcam without issues, however, I did have to tweak the settings from its default of 320x240 to 640x480., otherwise it wouldn't work. What webcam are you using Olly? Cheers, Richie
  16. Hi Everyone... Over the last couple of weeks I've been concentrating on NGC281 in narrowband. I've been suffering with a lack of polar alignment recently, and wanted to push things. I was pleased to get 20 minute subs throughout, so hopefully the alignment gremlins are gone. For those interested in how, I used the WCS polar alignment software with my SPC700 webcam to realign the mount and make sure everything was bang-on. In the end, I captured 12 x Oiii, 11 x Ha, and 6 x Sii. I threw away half of the Oiii data, and some of the Ha, as it had a terrible gradient as a result of the Moon, leaving 6 x Sii and Oiii and 8 x Ha 20 minute subs. Total exposure time: 6 hours and 40 minutes. Equipment wise, I used the Televue Genesis with the SXVR-H18 on the EQ6. And here it is (click for biggie): Thanks for looking! Cheers, Richie
  17. Beautiful Rob - great image, lovely colour as usual It was nice to pop back into the forum and recognise one of your images just from the slice at the top of the page! Clear Skies, Richie
  18. Hi All, Just a reminder that UBS with Dr Stuart Clark LIVE is airing in 5 minutes.... Come join us in Astronomy.FM Forums User Control Panel Login to ask Q's... Cheers, Richie
  19. Welcome Does the scope look a bit like this: Skywatcher used to be Helios scopes..... Astrophotography wise, you are going to need to be able to track the sky for anything more than Star Trails I am afraid.... So that means you need a driven mount. Its not for the faint hearted, but is easily doable. This forum has lots of advice to get to going.... Cheers, Richie
  20. Looking very nice Craig! I assume you are going to equip it with one of your dew heaters? Mine is still going strong. Is that south facing over the back of the wall then? Looks like a great view you lucky [removed word]!
  21. I saw it Friday night Olly - thats about all I can say It was faint n fuzzy..... It is a very ethereal sight though....
  22. Hi All, Last year, I shot a nice Andromeda Galaxy (well, I liked it!) mosaic. It was good - I was pleased. However, it was shot with my old camera and scope. Soooo, this year, I've decided to see if I can better it. Tonight is the first night. Frame 1 in Red is capturing as I squeak My hope is to blow it up and mount it on the wall - its the only pic I've ever taken that the missus has actually liked!!! Anyway, just in a sharing mood..... Cheers, Richie P.S. Clear Skies All!
  23. Welcome! I know what you mean about tiredness
  24. Hi All, Our next UBS episode will have Dr Stuart Clark asking questions about his new book (The BIG Questions: Universe) and anything else that takes your fancy live on air (as long as its Astronomical or Science related!) The episode is live on Sunday 17th October at 9pm (20:00GMT) on Astronomy.FM - A Universe of Possibilities. You can also join the online chat forum there to contribute questions. It will be repeated throughout Monday for those that miss it, and will be available for download as a podcast shortly afterwards. If you have any questions you would like to pre-submit, please drop the UBS team a note at ubs@astronomy.fm, or post on this topic. Thanks, Richie
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