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  1. http://htwins.net/scale2/?bordercolor=white From 10 to the power of -35m to 10 to the power of 27m. Mark
  2. BBC News - JWST backed by Nasa amid call to scrap telescope mission
  3. Just before i put the scope on the lathe to cut it . Just want to make sure i am correct. From the front of the scope to the front of the elaton is 790mm , so i need to cut 80mm off the tube . It this correct? I can be a few mm either way as i have the focuser to tune the elaton distance. Thanks Mark
  4. Pretty Much all of The Nexus album by Sarah Fimm.
  5. Took my Zenithstar to Southern Chile via 4 planes. Only asked what it was once on the first check in at Manchester. Frankfurt , Madrid , Santiago , Conception, no problems whatsoever.
  6. The best website iv'e seen in a long time , been crying with laughter. The one where he gets the scammer to record himself reading 9 hours worth of Hitch-hikers Guide To The Galaxy and e-mailing it to him. Classic
  7. As long as your longitude is correct EQmod should calculate the correct time. Compare from here. Local Apparent Sideral Time Mark
  8. I love it when science journals predict when the solar maximum is going to arrive , only for the sun to not play ball.
  9. You really do have the PST licked mate. Hope there's gonna be plenty of sunshine this year so i can get some pics with my PST/DMK setup. If i can get anywhere near the quality you are achieving i will be pretty chuffed Mark
  10. The great Metric Mix-up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_Climate_Orbiter oops... :oops:
  11. Makes a change to have a clear night eh karlo? Can't wait to see the processed result cos its looking good. Mark
  12. Oh my giddy Aunt!!! :shock: As my mum would say. Stupendously good Mike Mark
  13. Truly brilliant Paulo Thanks for that. Mark
  14. The fitting looks like it came from an office (looking at the diffuser). There's no hidden battery pack? i.e could be an emergency light. Permanent feed ( for battery ) Switch feed Neutral Earth.
  15. Thanks George , looks like a useful bit of software. Mark
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